Brozone Provides Effective, Affordable and Flexible Routine Sports Equipment Disinfecting & Deodorizing Solution

They help sports families and facilities nationwide live healthier lives through routine sports equipment disinfecting & deodorizing.

Brozone is a mobile sports equipment ozone disinfecting & deodorizing station that caters to sports parents, local sports leagues, school districts, colleges and universities. They know that life can be busy with long to-do lists, and deep cleaning may not be at the top of those lists. This is why Brozone offers to come wherever the cleaning is needed and knock out the equipment odor throughout the season.

The company coordinates with teams, organizations and event organizers to make its clients’ lives easier. Their mobile truck can come to the location or the family’s home, making the cleaning process a snap.

“You don’t wear the same clothes to the gym every day for a full year without cleaning them. Why would you do the same to your sports equipment? By frequently disinfecting your sporting equipment, you’re protecting everybody’s health and well-being, most especially your own,” shared Brozone representatives.

Brozone’s services include on-location sports equipment disinfecting, routine indoor facility disinfecting, commercial air purification and home indoor air purification.

On-location sports equipment disinfecting & deodorizing is the company’s most popular service. It performs this service at the client’s home, office, school, hotel, arena, etc. This is the perfect solution for teams or families on the go, school athletic administrators who need to clean several dozen sets of gear or teams playing in tournaments.

The power behind Brozone’s sports equipment treatment process is ozone that effectively kills pathogens, bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew and more. Sports gear begins to stink because bacteria have accumulated inside the foam and padding, which is almost impossible to clean with traditional methods. But ozone is extremely good at penetrating deeply into the fabric and padding of sporting equipment — killing microbes, molds, bacteria and other odor-causing organisms.

They offer their routine indoor facility disinfecting option for gyms, indoor athletic facilities and commercial and residential real estate. They routinely disinfect (weekly, bi-weekly or monthly) athletic facilities, emphasizing objects that get handled day in and day out.

The effect of commercial air purification is fresher indoor environments and workspaces due to reducing air-borne pathogens. Brozone has completely customizable solutions developed by in-house engineers to find the most effective and affordable solution for indoor facilities, ranging from 500 square feet to 50,000 square feet and beyond.

Home indoor air purification focuses on home air and HVAC purification systems. This option — a service that reduces allergens and odors caused by bacteria, mold and other contaminants — is best for homeowners who want fresher indoor air.

The Brozone team also takes community involvement very seriously. They recently participated in a local charity organized by the Assisted Goals Foundation, where they donated over $2000 in sports equipment disinfecting & deodorizing services to help support the growth of hockey in the Pittsburgh area.

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Brozone is a mobile sports equipment ozone disinfecting & deodorizing station founded in the Pittsburgh area by two brothers.

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