Author Forrest Oldham brings an engaging visual history of California’s oldest covered bridges in his book, “California Covered Bridges Pre-1900’s”

The informative and visually engaging book from the author, photographer, and avid outdoorsman Forrest Oldham is a compilation of his own photographs, which come with fascinating stories and nearby points of interest for visitors.

Author Forrest Oldham has released an impressive and visually attractive book, “California Covered Bridges Pre 1900’s,” which showcases the story of the covered bridges built in California in the late 19th century.

“Living in California, I feel fortunate to have stumbled upon the covered bridges of California and their history,” Mr. Oldham shares. The book serves as an introduction to these bridges, their past, and other places or events to visit nearby. 

The state’s primary covered bridges came to exist due to the California Gold Rush, where they played a major role in the area’s development. Many endure today and provide Californians and visitors alike a look at the past. They also serve as focal points for local events. 

In “California Covered Bridges Pre 1900s,” Mr. Oldham was able to compile his own photographs with informative content and nearby points of interest for visitors and travelers. He gives a starting point for readers who want to know more about the idea and structural details of these lesser-known landmarks.  

The visually engaging book includes bridges from Powder Works in Santa Cruz to Knight’s Ferry in Stanislaus County. It provides an easy-to-read introduction and a fantastic narrative on centuries-old landmarks.

“I’d like for this book to encourage others to visit the bridges and their surrounding areas to better understand their history and why it’s important to maintain them,” said Mr. Oldham. “The bridges played a key role in the economy of California during the 19th century, and that history should be remembered and preserved.” 

“I wish reading this excites many to visit and enjoy these little-recognized icons of the past,” Mr. Oldham adds.  

Apart from being a proud California resident, Mr. Oldham is also a fly fisher, a carpenter, a photographer, and has an extreme passion for almost everything. He expressed joy that he’s able to merge his pursuits of various interests to explore more about California’s history. 

This pursuit of exploring photo opportunities led him to California’s Covered Bridges. As a carpenter, Mr. Oldham has been very interested in engineering. In addition, the author has an eye for visuals and the aesthetics of bridges as a photographer himself. The decision to explore these bridges is simple. 

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