How 9-Figure Marketing Helps Healthcare Professionals Scale to Multiple 6-Figures or More in Monthly Revenue

How 9-Figure Marketing Helps Healthcare Professionals Scale to Multiple 6-Figures or More in Monthly Revenue

“9-Figure Marketing & Healthcare Professionals”

Whether it’s medical doctors, dentists, chiropractors, physical therapists, physicians, or allied health professionals, 9-Figure Marketing has a strategy to help scale their practice.

Let’s find out how.

According to Kennedy Cee, founder, and CEO of 9-Figure Marketing, in their many surveys at 9-Figure Marketing, one of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare professionals is finding and retaining high-quality, premium patients. This is the issue of marketing.

Another problem faced by health professionals is finding an optimal way to handle their workload. This is the issue of operation and administration.

Today, we’re focusing on the first issue – marketing. This is where 9-Figure Marketing shines through like a diamond in the rough.

A lot of healthcare professionals have been sold by many so-called marketing companies on the fact that all they need in order to signup great new patients is search engine optimization (SEO) and posting regularly on social media. If you want to gamble with your practice and hope that you get new patients, then, by all means, follow this advice and keep subscribing to their services.

But if you’re looking for the surest and most predictable way to get new high-quality patients into your practice, any time you want, then pay close attention to what I will reveal in this piece of content. SEO and posting on social media can only get you 5% of marketing results.

So if you want to focus on just 5% of new patients, then there’s no need to keep reading. However, if you want to get the maximum number of high-quality patients every week in your practice, to a point where you’re turning away patients, referring them to a different practice, or opening up new offices, then pay close attention to what I’m about to say now.

Scaling your practice to 6-figures or more per month requires that you follow 3 important steps religiously. Let me list the 3 steps and then go into details for better understanding.

3 Steps to Scaling Your Healthcare Practice to 6-Figures or More per Month

Step 1: Fix Your Presence Online

Step 2: Reach Out to Your Patients Through Ads

Step 3: Have an Airtight Sales Process.

Now let’s take them one after the other.

Step 1: Fix Your Online Presence

This has everything to do with how your patients see you when they search for your name or the name of your practice online. Having online reviews is great. Having posts on social media is fantastic.

But when your patients search for you, do they see other people and news outlets writing about you? This is where the big dogs are separated from the small dogs and puppies.

Having one great review article, written by a third person about you or your practice, is equivalent to tens of reviews on Google reviews or other review platforms.

The reason is that when your patients see that journalists or other experienced bloggers are writing about you, your authority level skyrockets. You’re immediately seen as someone they should listen to and talk to about their health issues.

This immediately separates you from the competition who probably have their names on a bunch of online health directories.

Another thing you need to address in order to fix your online presence is your website. I know you already have a website, but how does it look?

What does it feel like to be on your website? Does your website have too many colors with little or no branding? Does the design look like something from 2011?

If your website doesn’t at least have a professional and clean design, with great content, premium patients may not want to walk into your practice in real life. Your website’s look and feel say a lot about your level of professionalism. Believe it.

Look at the websites of the top 5 doctors, dentists, chiropractors, etc in your area of specialization and be the judge.

Now let’s go to step 2 of scaling your healthcare practice to 6-figures or more per month.

Step 2: Reach Out to Your Patients through Ads

According to eMarketer, healthcare advertising spend in the United States is expected to increase by 18% in 2021. The US is the world leader in healthcare advertising expenditures.

If you want to get new premium patients by tomorrow morning, running online digital ad campaigns is the surest way to make it happen. But most people do it wrong. If you don’t get part 1 of this process right, even if you spend a million dollars on ads, you will keep getting negative returns on your investment.

One of our clients who is a cosmetic dentist was spending as much as $100 per new visitor to his website and getting $0 in return. When we diagnosed his problem, we realized that his web presence was a total mess and the marketing agency running his ads was doing a horrible job.

Does this sound like you? Hoping and praying that your patients will locate you by searching on the search engines, or God forbid, through your social media posts, is playing a lost game. If you need high-quality patients and need them fast, then you need to go out there and pay for them.

While most healthcare professionals pay anywhere from $500 to $3000 to get a new patient in the door, there’s a way to pay for them on a much smaller budget. Most people go on Google ads and pay $5 – $100 per click on their ads.

The worse part, they send these clicks straight to their website’s homepage. This is a horrible marketing blunder. If you want to spend less on advertising, you need to send your patients to a well-optimized, mobile-friendly landing page.

A landing page is a page on your website that is focused on converting that new visitor on the web into an actual paying patient.

Another thing is that you don’t go to Google and start paying for expensive clicks. Most of our clients have seen their cost per new client dramatically cut down just by advertising through other sources like on YouTube display ads and Native ads.

When this is done and well optimized, then you can even scale your practice to 6-figures or even a million dollars a month if you have the capacity. This brings us to the final part of scaling your healthcare practice.

Part 3: Have an Airtight Sales and Acquisition Process

Even if you get steps 1 and 2 right, without dialing in step 3, then you’re playing a lost game. Having an airtight sales and acquisition process is so important that you could be leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table if done wrong.

When patients call your practice, do they go through a seamless appointment schedule process? When patients call, do you have any personalization data in place to make them feel special?

Do you have a way to follow up with patients, days, weeks, and even months after they reached out to you? This will determine whether you can take your practice to 6-figures or more per month in revenue.

In conclusion…

Having a highly effective marketing system is the biggest missing link between where your healthcare practice is right now and where you want it to be. This is the difference between healthcare professionals doing $15k per month and $150k per month in revenue.

The question is, which group do you want to be; the $15k or $150k per month group?

If by any means you want to be a part of the $150k per month healthcare professionals, then we might be able to help: go to

Enter your name and email, then tell us a little more about your business. Then we’ll get to work and build you a well customized, super-effective marketing blueprint.

If you’re ready to scale your healthcare practice to 6-figures per month, then we’re ready too. Go to to get started.

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