Brazilian artist Thiago Giacomelli releases new single with gold awarded engineer Chuck Kirkpatrick.

Composed by Thiago Giacomelli at the beginning of 2021, “Like a Star” talks about people who are in a situation of vulnerability by either having not yet found their soul mate, for being disillusioned, or simply at the end of a relationship and are in the process of healing. The lyrics say that the protagonist finds the other person’s heart “broken down the road, not much left inside” – that it doesn’t matter where the person came from because they don’t know where they are going – that that person needs a fresh start and it´s open to whatever comes. The chorus plays with words saying,

“Like a star, I’ve got you falling in despair, afraid you wouldn´t be in the sky no more… Like a star, I´ve got you shining everywhere, afraid you wouldn´t feel love no more.”

Thiago Giacomelli photo @fabioobergamo

Recorded in September 2021, “Like a Star” sounds almost ‘raw’, as if there was practically no post-editing on the tracks, something rare nowadays. Chuck Kirkpatrick, a gold record awarded engineer and musician with over 50 years’ experience working with artists like Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, The Bee Gees, and many others at Miami’s famous Criteria Studios, provided the backround vocals, co-produced, mixed, and mastered the song. Chuck emphasized that the song was beautiful on its own, and that it was very important to keep the essence of the moment as the tracks were being recorded… “The song may sound raw but it shows even more the talent in it.”

Thiago trusts Chuck with his eyes shut and carefully paid attention to his instructions on how everything should be recorded. “The richness he brought to my work is undeniable – perhaps imperceptible – but every word he says is a musical lesson I never had, The man is a legend”.

Chuck Kirkpatrick photo from Chuck´s social media

“Like A Star” will be released on 12/18/2021 on all digital platforms.

Presave –

Musicians credits

Thiago Giacomelli – voice, backing vocals, guitar and drums

Esdras Nunes – keyboards

Alexandre Borges – bass

Chuck Kirkpatrick – backing vocals

Production credits

Estudio Fermata – voice recording

GiacoStudio – instrumental recording

Mixing / mastering – Chuck Kirkpatrick

Produced by

Thiago Giacomelli with Chuck Kirkpatrick

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