Custom Paints by Numbers – Turn Life’s Best Moments Into Painting

Custom Paints by Numbers is the first product of its kind!

Custom Paints by Numbers demystifies the art of painting, by providing a simple way for everyday, non-artistic people to create breathtaking paint on canvas.

With Custom Paints by Numbers, everyone can be their own Picasso.

Transforming what once was a secret process practiced only by artists, into a simple, easy to follow custom paint by numbers kit that can be used by literally anyone that can hold a pen!

Amazing, right?

Custom Paints by Numbers was created by PaintNumbers, a small business that creates beautiful canvas art for indoor decoration.

It is made perfect for beginners – all one needs to do, is match the numbers on the canvas with the corresponding labeled numbers on the paint.

It is easy to follow and suitable for everyone, regardless of one’s artistic abilities or experience with painting.

Each Custom Paint by Numbers painting kit comes with:

A numbered high-quality linen canvas, with numbers and outline showing exactly where to paint.

A numbered acrylic paint set with corresponding numbers to the numbers on the canvas, showing exactly which colors should be painted where on the canvas.

A set of 3 paint brushes to apply the paint and bring the canvas to life!

A wooden frame to place the finished work in (if selected)

Taking one from complete amateur to skilled artist in a matter of minutes!

Visit PaintNumbers TODAY and order the Custom Paint by Numbers Kit:

In 3 easy steps:

1. Go to Custom Paint By Numbers, and upload the photo that is to be made a painting.

2. PaintNumbers will take it from there and create a customized paint by numbers kit on canvas for that particular photo and deliver it to the user.

3. Follow the paint by numbers scheme and create the painting when ready!

It’s the Best Gift and Indoor Activity.

Browse the reviews from their customers here: Custom Paint By Numbers 

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