PlaqueMagic delivers the art of employee recognition to the desks of every organization with unique, modern DIY plaque kits fit for any industry

PlaqueMagic is the new generation of multi-plated plaques. Stunningly beautiful, immediate recognition at your fingertips!

December 13, 2021 – Sherry Armstrong, CEO, and founder of PlaqueMagic has provided tangible award products for 30 plus years to corporations and organizations through her retail award business, Award & Sign, in metro Denver.

Perpetual, or multi-plates plaques have been an integral part of recognition programs for decades. Often used for employee of the month recognition, this style of award has multiple other purposes ranging from recognizing donors to top achievers in sales amongst hundreds of other uses.

People love to see their names on the wall. Public recognition is valued, encouraging, and motivating.

There are drawbacks to the typical perpetual plaque…. not the usage, but their appearance and the maintenance and update of the individual plates. The traditional plaques were often walnut boards with gold or black plates. Overtime, these plaques become tired looking and worn out often due to the transporting of the plaque to the engraver to update the plates. The mismatching of engraving, location and positioning of the plates often leads to disappoint for the owner of the business and those being recognized.

Knowing that there are a multitude of reasons these programs don’t exist, fizzle out or even fail, Sherry has been and is continually committed to ensuring that the product is modernized, and the process is made as simple, cost-effective and convenient as it can be.

Introducing color. Over the course of the last two years, the team at PlaqueMagic has worked to design nearly 200 general and theme-specific backgrounds providing options for virtually every recognition purpose that can be used in any industry. The digital graphics are reproduced with photo-lab quality dye sublimation inks making PlaqueMagic plaques vibrant and aesthetically unique in their design.

No trips to the engraver. PlaqueMagic is a kit, providing all the components needed to maintain the plaque. Its unique labeling system puts the user at the helm and in control of creating the labels for their plaque on their timeline simply using their computer and printer. The labels are unique in design and match every plaque background. Clear adhesive domes are provided to cover the labels giving them a professional and finished appearance.

Without question, these attributes, combined with the customization options available to the customer, place them in a class above all other outdated perpetual plaques. Seeing the vast array of reasons, they are being utilized, reinforces their versatility and popularity, making PlaqueMagic THE tool for successful recognition.

With PlaqueMagic, acknowledging people for their accomplishments, contributions and successes becomes easy and instantaneous. In turn, the positive effects are abundant, with increased morale and employee retention among them.

At PlaqueMagic the artistry and technology provide the user the tools to create the stand-out plaque for stand-out people!

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