The made in Utah Movie ‘Grandpa’s Crazy?’ Gains Attention at Film Festivals

The made in Utah Movie ‘Grandpa’s Crazy?’ Gains Attention at Film Festivals

“Movie poster for Grandpa’s Crazy? family-friendly drama/comedy, written and produced by Dave Bresnahan.”
The Indie Film “Grandpa’s Crazy?” was made in rural Utah with an all Utah cast and crew, and is now rapidly gaining attention at film festivals around the world.

TOOELE, UT – Utah filmmaker Dave Bresnahan says he is excited that his indie family-friendly film “Grandpa’s Crazy?” made in his rural home town of Tooele is getting noticed around the world in many film festivals, and receiving awards as well.

“We are officially entered in 26 film festivals  from the LDS Film Festival in Orem, Utah all the way to the Global India International Film Festival in Mumbai, India. Each festival evaluates the entries and then selects only a few that will actually be screened for live audiences and for the judges to select the award winners. So far we have been selected by four, and we are a finalist in one and a winner in another,” explained Dave Bresnahan the screenwriter and producer of the film.

Grandpa’s Crazy? received it’s first official win from the Multi Dimensional International Film Festival on December 8, 2021. The film is still under consideration from that festival for additional awards and will be screened by them.

Each film festival selects the winners spread out between now and August of 2022, so it will be some time before Bresnahan can fully celebrate. The film has been selected for a world premiere at the Utah Film Festival coming up on January 5, 2022 at the Town Hub Theater in American Fork. It has been selected as a finalist for awards for Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Editing, Best Music Score, and Best Ensemble Cast. Click here for tickets. 

In March the film will also be shown at the LDS Film Festival where it is also up for awards there. Tickets for that festival are not yet available.

 Dave Bresnahan

“I’m excited to be included in film festivals around the world, but I am really glad there are some close to home where our cast and crew can bring their family and friends to enjoy this really wonderful film. It has been a true collaboration of talents from start to finish,” said Bresnahan.a

Grandpa’s Crazy? tells the humorous story of Gramps who is lonely after the death of his wife. To try to get attention from family he pretends to get lost, but the efforts backfire and his children take him to court to try to have him declared incompetent. While out trying to find a way to get lost, Gramps makes friends with the teens at the skatepark. There are many adventures throughout the story that are combined with exciting skateboarding scenes. There is an interesting twist that makes for a very happy ending.

Part of the reason for entering film festivals is to get attention from the film buyers who are looking for quality movies. Bresnahan says he hopes Grandpa’s Crazy? will be purchased, which will provide funds that are needed to make more films.

“My goal is to make at least two new films each year using locations in Utah, along with the great talent we have here in Utah.”

Bresnahan says plans are underway to film the sequel to Grandpa’s crazy this summer, and a World War II film in the fall.

Those who wish to stay up to date on the success of the film should like and follow the film’s Facebook page and the Twitter page. Twitter @GrandpasCrazy  Facebook @GrandpasCrazyMovie  and Dave Bresnahan can be found on Twitter @DavidMBresnahan  and on Facebook @DaveBresnahanActor

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