Petr Brazhnikov and Victoria’s Secret Angel Karen Mulder Are Now Married

One of the former Victoria’s Secret angels, Karen Mulder, has married to the famous owner of the “Brazhnikov and Partners” law firm, as reported by

As the publisher has learned, one of the most in-demand top models of the 90’s Karen Mulder has secretly married Russian lawyer Peter Brazhnikov, who has been living and working successfully in Moscow for a long time.

Karen Mulder was the first to walk the runway during the Victoria’s Secret collection show, glistening with the wings of an angel. For a long time the woman who topped the lists of the most beautiful models in the world in the 90’s has been hiding her personal life from prying eyes. She was officially married once to French photographer Rene Bosnay. Then she lived for a long time with her manager Jean-Yves Le Fure, maintaining a friendly relationship with him later on. The father of her daughter Anna, born in 2006, is not known. Perhaps it is Julio Mario Santo Domingo with whom the model had an affair.

After quitting her career Karen declared not only her psychological problems with accepting her looks but also the crimes committed in the fashion industry. She is considered by many to be the pioneer of the women’s anti-violence movement ‘MeToo’.

A new round of Karen’s career began in 2020. The company Balenclaga signed her to a major advertising contract. It is also known about the planned shooting of a new Christmas calendar with a photo of the star on the cover.

The former top model’s boyfriend was Petr Brazhnikov, a well-known lawyer in business circles of international law. As we were able to ascertain, the head of the company “Petr Brazhnikov and Partners” and Karen Mulder have been seeing each other for two years. Pyotr Brazhnikov has been married until recently and is raising two young children. However, a year ago an engagement ring was spotted on the ring finger of the Victoria’s Secret star. Complete surprise for our investigation was the information about a secret wedding of Karen Moulder and a Moscow lawyer in the ancient Dutch city of Utrecht, called the “Second Venice” and famous for its numerous castles and cathedrals. On November 10 in one of these old cathedrals the secret wedding ceremony of the happy couple took place. As our source assures us, a few days later Petr Brazhnikov took his new beloved to Moscow. Russian lawyer and the Victoria’s Secret Angel will live in an expensive luxury complex near the metro station Pushkinskaya.

We hope that the happy ending of the love story will be the beginning of an equally happy story of family life.

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