Altro LLP Helps Expats Avoid Double Taxation

Altro LLP, a top-notch cross-border tax, estate planning, and real estate service, is helping American and Canadian citizens avoid double taxation. They have a team of qualified tax advisors and cross-border tax attorneys to help expatriates deal with their cross-border tax and estate planning needs. The Canadians or American citizens who have moved abroad need a comprehensive tax solution to avoid paying taxes in both countries.

Experts at Altro LLP have several years of experience to find the most feasible solutions that can preserve the wealth of expats who need to pay income and estate taxes in both countries. For US citizens residing in Canada and Canadian moving to live or work abroad, Altro LLP provides a solution to navigate cross-border tax policies.

The US or Canadian citizens living in a foreign country can be taxed in their home country, as well as abroad. This double taxation can be a big nuisance because it not only increases the financial burden but also has a risk of facing penalties. Due to the complexities of the tax regulations, individuals can be subject to penalties for non-compliance. Tax and Legal Advisors at Altro LLP offers a wide range of services for people working abroad, as well as investors and entrepreneurs making investments and expanding business abroad. A Canadian-licensed Attorney at Altro LLP said, “As the cross-border tax specialists, we help Canadians, as well as Americans, file their income tax return and avoid double taxation. We help our clients with domestic tax, corporate tax, as well as international double taxation. Businesses with international operations are subject to corporate double taxation that includes taxes on corporate profits and dividend tax. International double taxation means the individual has to pay taxes in the foreign country where the income is derived, as well as their home country. But we have the expertise to help our clients mitigate corporate and international double taxation by seeking benefits of all available tax credits and trade treaties.”

Financial and Legal experts at Altro LLP also assist clients to renounce their U.S. citizenship. The process of giving up American citizenship can be quite complex and time-consuming. However, Altro LLP provides a wide range of financial and legal services to Canadian and American expatriates to help them save money while staying tax compliant. Their team can efficiently meet all the cross-border income tax filing requirements and ensure that tax filings across both borders meet the regulations. They also help clients draft their Wills and create a customized financial plan. Their attorneys stay up-to-date with all the recent cross-border taxation and estate planning laws to help their clients avoid penalties and stay tax compliant.

About the Company:

Established in 1988, Altro LLP provides a complete range of cross-border and domestic tax, estate planning, and real estate services. The financial and tax planning firm helps expatriates navigate the complexities of the US and Canadian tax systems. Their team can formulate customized tax solutions to avoid double taxation issues. They also specialize in offering estate planning services to high net-worth individuals and families across Canada and the United States.

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