It’s Time to Rewire the Brain With Dr. Theresa L. Smith, D.C.

It’s Time to Rewire the Brain With Dr. Theresa L. Smith, D.C.

“Dr. Theresa L. Smith, D.C.”
Get Back in the Driver’s Seat and Finally Achieve Lifelong Goals

TEHACHAPI, CA – There are all types of mental and emotional blocks that prevent people from achieving their goals and living life to the fullest. While some of these factors are easy to identify, other blocks are hidden away in the subconscious and are difficult to pinpoint. These disruptive thoughts and emotions often cause physiological reactions in the body — reactions that prevent people from leading truly healthy and happy lives. In fact, recent studies have shown that thoughts and emotions are causes for up to 90% of diseases. Dr. Theresa L. Smith, D.C. is a SuperConscious coach who is helping people rewire their brains in a way that allows them to regain control of their health and reach their goals.

Dr. Theresa’s journey to becoming a mind-body coach was anything but conventional. She had already built a steady career in business and had plans to start a family when an interest in the healing arts changed the trajectory of her life. After taking courses in reflexology and massage, a desire to help people through chiropractic care was sparked — a career path she would pursue over the next decade while working full-time as a single mother. After years of hard work and dedication, she opened her first office in Sierra Madre and moved to Monrovia 15 years later.

Today, Dr. Theresa Smith is a practicing chiropractor, certified MAP coach, and certified Magnetic Mind coach who offers a multidisciplinary approach to health care unlike anything in the personal development field. Her unique blend of practices and interventions is designed to uncover the root of each patient’s problem and help identify the right method of treatment for that individual. Through her powerful coaching sessions, clients are able to override negative memories, eliminate resistance or roadblocks, and reinforce positive thoughts and emotions. By addressing issues with the brain and the nervous system, the body has the ability to achieve health and vitality.

At The Success Zones, Dr. Theresa offers a variety of online coaching plans to meet the needs of her clients. One-on-one sessions are available for those who need a safe space and prefer individual attention for their specific issues. Group coaching sessions, on the other hand, are available for those who prefer a more affordable, dynamic environment. As all sessions are held via Zoom, Dr. Theresa is able to meet with clients from all over the world!

“If you’re ready to release what has been holding you back or preventing the vitality you wish you had, you’ve found your answer and the tools to do so! Letting go of sabotaging thought patterns and embracing life with joy is the goal of the Process Healing.”

For more information about Dr. Theresa’s mind-body coaching programs and her approach to health care, visit her website. To book a session today, check out her Superconscious Recode menu and choose from a handful of coaching specials.

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