Technology is the key: EXVIN Innovation system.

Technology is part of growth.

This startup has created a new market with its initial investment before the seed. According to the CEO of Vibin Group (EXVIN), Jose Jesus Briceno, the company continues to grow constantly. This new technology developed by the company made possible the ability to combine conjugated products plus science in one. Today’s proposal is based on the creation of a new trend.

The tools that are currently being incorporated for end-users are intuitive and powerful continuous improvements that must be mastered and above all learned, the technology that is being developed to break down communication barriers and thus optimize the care system.

In digital solutions, the data generated by new devices grow exponentially, which is why the challenge will be to identify what is valuable and what we have to do with them.

It is important to highlight that the importance of technology is reflected in the entire production chain, from product development.

These, also with the help of data, possess an infinite amount of information.

CEO Jose Jesus Briceno explains in detail that the Exvin brand represents the beginning of a new era, the company is visualized as a leading personal care brand that offers care and services through the mixture of its new technologies.

Creating a 360-degree experience in which all stages of the consumer journey are taken into account. It is no longer linear now more than ever, it is a network of connections.

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