Bragona Technologies Introduces New Analytics Features to its CRM Software

Bragona Technologies Introduces New Analytics Features to its CRM Software
New features will allow sales professionals to take advantage of today’s digital transformation with improved reporting features for performance indicators.

Bragona Technologies introduced a new feature for its CRM called Bragona Insights, which provides organizations with visibility into the overall performance. This feature is aimed to give a powerful insight into the performance of both sales individuals and teams. Now sales teams can ensure all factors by filtering sales units, product lines, type of sales, or any other element. Bragona Insights also gives users insight into the velocity, conversions, and lead quality.

Now, along with exceptional visuals such as line graphs, bars, and charts allowing for more insightful analytics. This will allow users to view the data from different perspectives and set filters to isolate the essential details and provide a more profound analysis.

About Bragona Scalabby CRM

Bragona’s CRM is built for salespeople and provides its users with an application that combines sales productivity tools, a built-in automation engine, visualized reporting capabilities, and analytics to help companies better understand and maximize their sales. The CRM is built by salespeople and used by salespeople, and it encompasses powerful sales productivity tools, a built-in automation engine, and visualized reporting & deep analytics.

“Our CRM is developed to help companies gain a competitive edge in sales. Its mission is to positively influence the mindset of salespeople and improve the overall performance of your sales.” – says Nahiyan Ashraf, CEO of Bragona Technologies.

Bragona Technologies is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Please engage with us on Facebook, LinkedIn, and contact us or visit our website.

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