Diversity in Education at The GM Institute in Dubai for Self Development and Entrepreneurial Skills

The GM Institute in Dubai trains professionals for the challenges of the real world across industries. The courses on offer include self-development and entrepreneurial skills. The institute aims to help individuals through the various bridging courses achieve success.

According to announcements released by The GM Institute and Ghadair Alshemari, the GMPMT Institute was formed to deliver diversity in learning for professionals that seek education that will benefit them in their work. The bridging courses available cover a variety of industries. Industry experts coach trainees; they are given exposure to the latest happenings in the business world and are provided with internships with CEOs. The hands-on experience in observing and participating in matters related to their field is a vital contributor to their professional development. 

The Be Your Own Boss Course is a very useful one. Interested participants are taught how entrepreneurial skills can be developed and applied for profit. The Self Development course enables one to obtain and maintain a state of peace and happiness. The course uses practical exercises to teach valuable techniques that stand professionals, men, and women, in good stead, at home and work. 

The Great Minds Institute is located in Dubai Hamdan Innovation Incubator business Village, This co-working space and incubator for polishing the abilities of professionals is respected and has been well received by the SMEs and other organizations in the UAE. The Neuroscience Course introduces one to the basics of neuroscience. Understanding how the brain and nervous system works is valuable knowledge for all. 

Organizations can boost productivity and employee retention by providing their workers and staff with the chance to avail these bridging courses. In today’s world, sustaining a healthy work-life balance requires clarity of thought and the right attitude. The GM Institute presents a creative opportunity to learn these skills.

For more information, go to https://thegminstitute.com/

Ghadair Als of The GM Institute said, “Ghadair Als is a futuristic thinker and global voice for business, diversity, and human empowerment. She stands for knowledge, humanity, and independence. As a person who has had a fair share of challenges, she was able to open the doors to her own destiny. She loves to travel, learn about cultures and traditions, and imbibe learning wherever the opportunity presents itself. 

Ghadair had graduated in Neuroscience and leadership, Business, Event Management and is a Postgraduate in Hospitality HR. She is currently pursuing a Master’s course at Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, where she was raised and lived.

She has acquired work experience across industries and sectors, including education, media, and telecom. Along with her friend, Muna Al Darwish, she has founded the Great Minds Professional Management training institute.

Since 2017, Ghadair has been a proponent of remote work. The COVID pandemic did not catch her business unprepared. Her empathy for her employees and the ability to deliver consistent education to clients through Zoom have earned her the respect of her peers and fellow workers. 

About the Company:

The Great Minds Professional Management training institute trains professionals through various bridging courses that help them cover gaps in skills and mindset. Organizations stand to gain a lot through the services of committed employees who have attended the courses at The GM Institute.

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