Chinese enterprises are facing more than challenges when they go global

Hosted by The China Public Diplomacy Association and the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC),  the seminar on Chinese enterprises entering the Belt and Road Initiative was officially held in the Jianghai Hall of the Shanghai CPPCC on December 15.

With the theme of “Jointly Overcoming Difficulties for Development and Creating a Better Future through Win-win Cooperation”, the symposium aims to give full play to the role of the Bridgehead of the Belt and Road Initiative and contribute China’s and Shanghai’s wisdom to its implementation.


At 9 o ‘clock in the morning, the conference was officially opened in a warm and grand atmosphere. 

Dong Yunhu, chairman of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. He pointed out that the Belt and Road initiative is a sunny road for China to share opportunities and seek common development with the world. In the past eight years, the Belt and Road Initiative has gone from initiative to action and made substantial achievements. It has contributed significantly to trade growth, economic development and improvement of people’s livelihood in countries along the Belt and Road. It has become a popular international public good and a platform for international cooperation. At present, In accordance with the requirements of the Central government, Shanghai is constantly strengthening the “four major functions”, making every effort to build the central node of the major domestic cycle and the strategic link of the domestic and international double cycle, striving to become the main hub of the global industrial, supply and value chain, and better serve the belt and Road Initiative.


Lou Jiwei, Chairman of The Committee of Foreign Affairs of the CPPCC National Committee and Vice Chairman of the China Economic and Social Council, said through a video message that the symposium was held against the special background of the national fight against COVID-19, which fully demonstrated the determination of the Chinese business community to work together to overcome difficulties.

Vice President of China’s public diplomacy association, Mr Liu biwei said,the Belt and Road Initiative of practice has proved that China’s public diplomacy and enterprises to go out is complementary to each other, in order to better play to the Chinese enterprises in overseas contribution, walk out of Chinese companies to raise the political stance, strengthen resource as a whole, accurately elaborate policies and innovate work methods, Let our country appear more colorful at the level of enterprise exchange and public diplomacy.

After the wonderful opening speech, the seminar entered into the keynote speech with the theme of “Overcoming difficulties together for Development and Creating the Future through Win-win Cooperation”.

Mr. Chen Deming, former Minister of Commerce of The People’s Republic of China, Mr. Zhou Hanmin, Vice Chairman of Shanghai CPPCC and President of Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association, and Dr. Tang Longgong Wu Senthilangu, Deputy Director of Thai-China Research Center for the Belt and Road Initiative Cooperation delivered wonderful speeches.

Zhou Hanmin, vice chairman of the Shanghai Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and president of the Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association, pointed out in his speech that in the future, the all-round expansion of the Belt and Road initiative cannot be achieved without Chinese enterprises going global. They are the main force of the Belt and Road initiative, and this process needs a more complete legal guarantee. First, we should do more to promote the negotiation and formulation of bilateral and multilateral international treaties; second, we should build a more comprehensive legal service system for Chinese enterprises to go global; third, we should further popularize the relevant legal knowledge of foreign investment.


Dr. Tang Longgong Wu Sentirangu, Deputy director of thai-china the Belt and Road Initiative Cooperation Research Center, said that the Belt and Road Initiative cooperation opens a new channel to promote the development of economy, trade and finance and other industries in countries along the Belt and Road, and can further strengthen international cooperation or remove various regional barriers to achieve win-win cooperation. Chinese enterprises’ support for the Belt and Road Initiative and China’s “going out” policy will accelerate the internationalization of Chinese enterprises and build world-class multinational enterprises and supply chains.


Subsequently, the first round table discussion was held with the theme of “Accurately Grasping the world pattern and Unswervingly Advancing the Belt and Road Initiative”, and the second round table discussion was held with the theme of “Chinese enterprises entering the Belt and Road Initiative” under the COVID-19 pandemic.


Finally, in the warm atmosphere, the seminar ended all the agenda.

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