“JASMINER X4” that never goes out of power

JASMINER X4: “Money Printing Machine” that never goes out of power

On the desolate river bank, in a simple factory building made of steel pipes, color steel plates and other materials, nearly a thousand computer hosts on rows of large iron shelves are running at high speed, emitting waves of heat, and fans are humming.

If it is not a local, few people know that this is a “mine”. The car that delivers meals to the “miners” departs from the county every day and travels through a dirt road that is not on the map. It takes more than half an hour to arrive.

There are not a few “mines” hidden in deep mountains and valleys like this. “Mine owners” are focusing on the cheap hydropower resources here, and “digging” day and night…

For the majority of practitioners in the mining circle, the mining machine is a “money printing machine”, which can continuously dig out a variety of cryptocurrencies. These “money printing machines” must be concentrated in the mines. Many miners only have mining machines but no mines, so they need to be hosted in the mines.

Industry insiders said that not only Bitcoin, but with the continuous advent of virtual currencies such as Ethereum and Dogecoin, the power consumption of the entire virtual currency mining is exploding. And these “mines” will put tremendous pressure on energy supply. For the entire mining service industry, the mining machine custody link has the most disadvantages.

For example, when a miner chooses the location of a mine, it is mainly investigated from the two dimensions of safety and convenience. Many mines are built in remote mountainous areas, and the traffic conditions are very poor. If the mining machine is hosted in such a mine, once it involves maintenance, loading and unloading, migration, power outage, etc., it will affect the coinage work of the ” money printing machine” .

In addition to the deployment and operation and maintenance capabilities of the mine, there are many other factors that affect mining. For example, the performance and power consumption of the mining machine, the computing power and difficulty of the entire network, the availability of cheap electricity resources, and the currency price and policy orientation, etc.

Among them, the mining machine has a particularly important indicator, which is the ratio of electricity bills to mining revenue. Once the electricity bill reaches 100%, the mining machine will be unprofitable and shut down directly. The lower the proportion of the electricity bill of the mining machine, the lower its shut-down currency price, and the more it can withstand the currency price plummet.

In addition, when the currency price plummeted, some mining opportunities with a higher proportion of electricity costs were the first to shut down, resulting in a decrease in the computing power of the entire network. Miners with a lower proportion of electricity costs could dig more coins. To a certain extent, it has cushioned the danger of the currency price plummeting. If the electricity cost of the mining machine is the lowest in the world, then the miner can always be invincible, the mining machine will never stop and always make money.

Looking at the current mining machine market, all JASMINER products are “money printing machines” that never fail. Take JASMINER’s new X4-S as an example. According to official data, its mining machine has a power consumption of 2400W and a computing power of 5200MH/s±10%. The electricity fee is calculated at US$0.04715 per kilowatt-hour. At the same time, according to the latest statistics, when Ethereum produces 0.0000163 ETH per M day and the currency price is 3808.4681 U.S. dollars, the static payback period of JASMINER X4-S is about 333 days. At the same time, the electricity bill accounts for only 1%, and the shutdown currency is $32.06/ETH. Therefore, the lower the electricity bill, the safer the mining machine and the longer it will live.

Today, the mining industry is gradually concentrating on companies and teams with cheap electricity resources and professional deployment capabilities. In addition to combining their own investment strategies and market conditions when purchasing mining machines, miners also need to comprehensively consider risks and returns, especially in terms of cost performance. Currently, according to JASMINER’s official website, the prices of its three main mining machine products (excluding tax) are: JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server is 10,275 US dollars, JASMINER X4 High-throughput server is US$51,375, and JASMINER X4-S is US$102,750.

Choosing JASMINER means to have a “money printing machine” that never goes out of power. While enjoying a steady stream of benefits, it undoubtedly also grasps the best time to enter the currency circle.

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