The Future of LTL: ZDSCS Launches New Optimization Technology for Shippers

Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions has just released its newly developed LTL Optimization Engine, and it’s a game changer for helping businesses negotiate optimal rates with their Freight carriers.

After revolutionizing and automating the parcel bid process for shippers everywhere, allowing them to see total landed cost comparisons, Zero Down, in partnership with their proprietary technology partner, FreightOptics, is at it again. Bringing together the latest in cloud-based technology with decades of real-world industry expertise, Zero Down is proud to announce the release of their latest effort to help businesses save time and money: the LTL Optimization Engine.

LTL contracts are well known for their high, if not outright ridiculous, levels of complexity when it comes to rates and terminology. The more confusing the contract, the greater advantage the carriers have at the negotiating table, and the more money shippers lose out on. 

That’s where Zero Down comes in.

ZDSCS’s LTL Optimization Engine has been developed to replicate the success of the Parcel Optimization Engine, and simplify the entire bid process for LTL shippers everywhere. Capable of automated landed cost comparisons at the individual shipment level, across multiple carriers and contracts, businesses can now perform their own What-If analyses down to the penny, ensuring their supply chains aren’t leaking profits.

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About Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions:

Founded in 2003 by CEO Brad McBride, Zero Down Supply Chain Solutions and its proprietary technology partner, FreightOptics, have worked tirelessly to level the playing field in the supply chain and logistics space. Leveraging expert industry knowledge and cutting-edge technological innovation, ZDSCS prides itself on providing actionable business insights and transparent monetary savings to clients of all shapes and sizes, across all modes. Do what you do best, and Zero Down will handle the rest!

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