The introduction of high quality lithium ion capacitor

Lithium-ion capacitors (LIC) is a kind of hybrid capacitor. Jinpei has advanced R&D capability on lithium-ion capacitors.

At present, Jinpei has completed the R&D of 3.8V 20F-750F CKBA, 4.2V 80F-1200F CKBB series, 4.2V 100mah-4000mah

Cylinder CKAA Series monomer lithium-ion capacitors and ultra-fast battery module.

Being commonly used as a source of solutions, electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) and traditional lithium-ion batteries (LIB) in self-discharge characteristics, energy density, reliability, and thermal design aspects of life there are many obvious flaws, Jinpei brand lithium-ion capacitor (LIC) to overcome these problems, It just can make up the defect of electric double-layer capacitor (EDLC) and lithium-ion batteries (LIB).

The market application covers new energy vehicles, mobile robots, military industry, power, energy storage, power tools, intelligent three meters, 5G/ GPRS/ROLA/NB and other communication power supply, two-wheeler, and other emerging industries.

Parameter CKAA18650H CKAA18650L CKAA21700H CKAA21700L

Capacitance 1100mAh 1500mAh 1900mAh 2500mAh

Rate voltage 3.6V 3.6V 3.6V 3.6V

Volt-HI 4.2V 4.2V 4.2V 4.2V

Volt-LO 2.5V 2.5V 2.5V 2.5V

DC internal resistan(10ms) ≤11mΩ ≤11mΩ ≤8mΩ ≤8mΩ

AC internal resistance(1KHZ ≤15mΩ ≤15mΩ ≤11mΩ ≤11mΩ

Standard charging current 5.5A(5C) 4.5A(3C) 9.5A(5C) 7.5A(3C)

Quick charging current 16.5A(15C) 12A(8C) 28.5A(15C) 20A(8C)

Rated discharge current 11A(15C) 15A(10C) 28.5A(15C) 15A(10C)

Max continuous discharge current 33A(30C) 22.5A(15C) 57A(30C) 22.5A(15C)

Charge temperature range -30~65°C -40~55°C -30~65°C -40~55°C

Discharge temperature range -40~85°C -40~85°C -40~85°C – 40~85°C

Storage temperature range -40~55°C -40~55°C -40~55°C -40~55°C

Fast charging cycle life ≥10K tims(10C) ≥5K tims (6C) ≥10K tims (10C) ≥5K tims (6C)

Slow charging cycle life ≥20K tims (1C) ≥10K tims (1C) ≥20K tims (1C) ≥10K tims (1C)

Weight ≤45g ≤45g ≤65g ≤65g

Dimension(D×L)mm 18×65 18×65 21×70 21×70


• CAPACITANCE RANGE: 1100mAh/2300F, 1500mAh/3100F,1900mAh/4000F,2500mAh/5200F


• Volt-HI: 4.2V

• Volt-LO: 2.5V

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