KaibaSwap: The End of Ethereum’s High Gas Prices

Since the launch of their native token ($KAIBA), Kaiba DeFi’s mission has been to save on gas fees for Ethereum users. $KAIBA is crafted with smart contract technology that sees users saving roughly 40% versus those of other ERC20 tokens. $KAIBA is both a testament and an example of the powerful technology of Kaiba DeFi.

Their next goal is to expand that technology across the whole of Ethereum and ERC-20.

What is KaibaSwap?

The $KAIBA token is a testament and an example of the technology our project can and does deliver. The next goal is to expand that technology across the whole of Ethereum and ERC-20. KaibaSwap is a flagship technology, it is going to bring the beginning of the end of high gas fees on Ethereum. It will be a decentralised token exchange using the tech from their native token, and powered by an Internal Virtual Chain.

What is an Internal Virtual Chain?

Ethereum 2.0 has been promised for several months with no tangible progress, projects have provided Layer 2 solutions only to miss the mark or requires a separate chain outside of Ethereum Mainnet. This is where Kaiba differs. All transactions on KaibaSwap begin and end on Ethereum Mainnet, whilst the processes take place on an Internal Virtual Chain (IVC). To the end user there is no noticeable difference to how you swap your tokens, it’s just as you would on other decentralised exchanges.

The IVC is an internal protocol that forms a “sub chain” within Ethereum. This means that all transactions on KaibaSwap are made in the IVC and physically contained in Ethereum. That method and technology means that all tokens listed on KaibaSwap see gas savings of close to 90 percent, thanks to saved states and virtualisation of many functions.

Below is a flow chart of the processes and functions of swapping, bridging and staking, all of which are made possible by IVC technology:

IVC flow chart

Why choose KaibaSwap?

The whole of KaibaSwap has been coded from the ground up, ensuring that all processes are custom made for speed, efficiency, and usability. As well as making huge savings on gas fees, users will be able to do this without compromising speed or accessibility. Along with KaibaSwap we’ll be adding further technology to our ecosystem such as a multi-chain bridge, staking, and even our own blockchain. Ethereum’s gas prices have slowed growth, hampered technological developments, and forced users to risk centralised exchanges. It’s time that changed, and Kaiba DeFi will be leading the charge.

How are projects listed on KaibaSwap?

There are various ways in which projects can create liquidity on Kaiba dex, catering to all forms of project management. The process is painless and easily done, spelling the end for traditional and cumbersome decentralised exchanges.

As with all processes KaibaSwap has been designed to be easily used and highly functional, whether you’re an experienced developer or not.

If you’re part of a project and wish to be listed on KaibaSwap please check out their FAQ. You can find details on what their partnerships entail, how they function, and how to contact them.

Telegram: https://t.me/kaibadefiofficial

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