JASMINER: Metaverse is the future of the Internet

On December 11, the “Welcome to Metaverse” theme event ended successfully in Chengdu. The event was hosted by “Blockchain First Station” and JASMINER was invited to attend. The guests at the conference discussed topics related to Metaverse together and presented an extraordinary exchange of values.

At the event site, numerous block chain industry celebrities and well-known brand entrepreneurs analyzed the frontier development of the industry, shared successful cases and experiences of corporate growth, and discussed the development direction and trend of Metaverse. As an invited guest, JASMINER is based on independent research and development of high-throughput computing power chips, providing high-performance computing services, and providing a solid computing power infrastructure for the development of the global digital economy.

Hou Yuhao, head of JASMINER business, shared the theme of “Metacosm Chip Technology Development” for the guests. He introduced what the original universe is and how the original universe develops, outlines an interesting and ideal cyber universe to everyone, and also describes a gradually mature chip ecological space.

Hou Yuhao mentioned that the meta universe is based on information technology to fully map the people, things, things, laws of physics, social relations, and behavioral laws of the real universe. It can cross the physical barriers of the real world, such as space, time, race, culture, cognition, nationality, etc., so as to realize the interconnection and intercommunication of virtual space. For people, when wealth in the material world is no longer scarce, the spiritual world will inevitably become a new field of wealth creation and concentration. Therefore, virtualization is an inevitable trend in social and economic development. Because it has lower costs and lower resource consumption, stronger organizational mobilization capabilities and broader resource mobilization capabilities, and at the same time has more possibilities and broader room for growth.

Hou Yuhao pointed out that both Metaverse and Web3.0 are the future of human society. The Metaverse is more avant-garde and radical, but the technical support is not enough; web3.0 is already within reach, and the current technology is sufficient to support such an iteration. In the Web3.0 era, the blockchain carries the value system of the meta universe. Because blockchain technology is an important infrastructure of Metaverse, its role is to ensure the security of users’ digital assets and digital identities, carry out value transfer and incentives, and ensure the transparency of Metaverse rules. Blockchain technology can enrich the ecology of Metaverse, and is widely used in the financial, social, gaming and other fields of Metaverse projects.

As a pioneer in the blockchain industry and one of the global high-throughput computing power service providers, JASMINER is committed to creating an open and cross-border innovation ecosystem with the vision of becoming “the global leader in high-throughput computing power chips.” The JASMINER X4 chip developed at present has been mass-produced, and it is expected to be used in big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other fields in the future. It can help related industries to enter the era of digital computing power, and allow new technologies to bring more changes to people’s lives.

After the guests finished sharing, the event ended successfully after the on-site exchanges and interactions between the guests. The guests unanimously agreed that we should keep up with the pace of the times, keep up with the cutting-edge technology, grasp the outlet of Metaverse, and promote the blockchain industry’s related technology and industrial development in Metaverse. In the future, JASMINER will continue to deepen computing power services, strive to create more high-quality products and excellent services, promote technological reforms in the industry, and boost the innovation and development of the digital economy.

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