2022 “Reboot” – Architecture Design Competition Launched by UNI to transform online gaming into physical stadium

2022 "Reboot" - Architecture Design Competition Launched by UNI to transform online gaming into physical stadium

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Competition for $24,000 prizes brings together professionals and students from the field of design and architecture.

Virtual Reality technology has helped the industry make quantum leaps, by enabling hyper-realistic gaming experiences. They have creatively challenged our previous conceptions about open-world games and other online experiences.

As the intensity of gaming has surged, it has become a sport, played by esports athletes (players) and witnessed by crowds of spectators, online and offline. The competition is viewed in real-time venues, along with events and activities hosted to bring the gaming fraternity together. 

The challenge is to design a modern gaming arena where gamers can convene for competitions and casual gaming bouts. The spaces must predominantly be oriented to fit in the different types of open-world games, with a variety of user interfaces.

The designer has the freedom of imagination for the ambiance, providing functionality and feasibility in design for the next couple of decades.

“Gaming has taken over our screens and it’s gaining audiences world over by storm. It’s not very far when people will come to live in esports in the same way they come for regular sporting events. The world is ready for this shift – and this competition captures this imagination” – says the curatorial committee of UNI.xyz.

Judges include Ermis Adamantidis, Co-founder, Not a Number Architects, and Dominiki Dadatsi, Co-founder, Not a Number Architects. They will be looking for entries that will consider site conditions, problem statement’s and future vision while evaluating the competition.

The last date to submit is in January. The detailed dates and other information is available on the schedule page. Winning entries will be published on the and social media channels and prizes up to $24,000 will be distributed.

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Reboot is a competition hosted on UNI. UNI is a global network of architects and designers who are solving some of the most challenging problems around the globe. UNI brings together the world’s largest pool of design challenges that are curated by the finest architecture academicians and professionals globally. With over 200,000+ registered members, UNI brings academia and professional spheres of architecture together through a unique knowledge-sharing web platform.

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