Amanda Moh makes waves as top creative director and pioneer in the content creation space

The 23-year-old entrepreneur and digital creator continues to make a mark in the content creation industry with her confidence and no-nonsense content.

Amanda Moh continues to make a name in the industry as a leading creative director and pioneer in the content creation space.

The 23-year-old Boston-based digital creator, who currently has almost 20,000 followers on social networking site Instagram, has been bringing out spicy content for her fans and followers.

“I always believe that social media platforms today have served as a launchpad for young and creative individuals, especially women, to express themselves online. That’s what I’ve been doing – I’ve been taking up space, doing what I do, and just being confident with what and who I am,” says Amanda. 

On video-focused social networking service TikTok, Amanda shares a wide array of content – from funny videos to spicy content. One of her funny vids on the platform has this content text: “Thinking about the time my mom made me model her “wearable art” in a runway show to promote her cookbook,” where she shared Throwback photos on the video. 

Her women followers could also relate to another content she posted on TikTok, which has the caption: “New Challenge: Reenact unsolicited pics.” Amanda confidently shared how she handled an incident where a guy sent her an unsolicited picture on Snapchat. 

In a separate post, she advised her followers not to join Hype Group chats, or else their Instagram will never be the same. 

“All your accounts are going to get spammed, and maybe some accounts even get deleted. I’ve seen this scam before. Remember that back in 2016, when everyone was blowing up, and Instagram had a change in the community guidelines and engaging rules? This is because so many people are on Hype group chats. You’re going to ruin it for everyone, so stop doing it,” she advised her followers on the platform. 

Amanda believes women should be more confident and take up space in entrepreneurship and digital content creation.

“Women should be given all the spaces and platforms they deserve. For me, it’s always about being confident about yourself and speaking your mind,” says Amanda.


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