New Books, Art, NFTs, GIFs and Other Freebies Released to Celebrate 10 Years of Science Materials by Poetic Empiricist

New Books, Art, NFTs, GIFs and Other Freebies Released to Celebrate 10 Years of Science Materials by Poetic Empiricist
Teacher embraces the future, as anniversary celebration rapidly evolves from a set of paperback compilations to include a collection of multimedia NFTs; all creations promote her mission of “teaching peace through science”.

Jessica DiBacco is the author and artist behind Poetic Empiricist materials; this year she wanted to unearth a decade’s worth of her creations, polish them, and present them in a new light.  She exceeded her goals when her path wandered into the unknown.  Her new, digitally-enhanced illustrations were the bridge between the familiar and the new.  These redesigned images made Jessica’s anniversary compilations and handbook series feel cohesive, but she could not leave them there.  She was enamored with them, wanting to offer them as art prints, which led to her starting an Etsy shop.  For Jessica, the illustrations continued to hold possibility, so she searched for PoS (green) blockchains that have emerging, thriving marketplaces.  With the problem of environmental ethics solved, Jessica created a Poetic Empiricist NFT collection.  The 25 pieces are a vibrant assemblage of over 100 newly enhanced illustrations.

Currently, Poetic Empiricist has 15 books that span a diverse range of topics from tardigrades, to plate tectonics, earth history, fractals, ecology, and much more.  These children’s books have a lucid prose style, making them appealing to science novices and enthusiasts alike.  Overwhelmingly, Poetic Empiricist books are tributes to nature, but they also have an undertone of health and personal growth.  “As nature, our health and attitudes affects the planet,” Jessica said.  “To reach someone, we must meet them where they are and give them a reason to care.”  Her efforts rest on the belief that appreciation creates change.    

Jessica is an experienced science educator who has taught every age group from six to sixty.  She started a small business, in 2009, teaching chemistry and biology to adults.  While she enjoys those content heavy classes, Poetic Empiricist is her outlet for teaching science and nature that excites and awes. 

Perusing her NFT collection is a logical place to get an overview of Poetic Empiricist materials, especially since each digital image including corresponding QR coded book and blog excerpts.  As is the nature of NFTs, you are free to download the QR coded images and GIFs.  You will find all of those on Poetic Empiricist’s website, along with links to her books, free videos and lesson plans, Etsy shop, blog, and more.

Poetic Empiricist produces creative and artistic science materials.  Poetic Empiricist began in 2011 to expand awareness and appreciation of the natural world, which includes humans.  With a mantra of “Teaching Peace Through Science”, Poetic Empiricist wants to evoke health on every level from self to Earth.  Find it all

Image caption: The “Peaceful Unity That Exists Among All Things” NFT is part of a collection by Poetic Empiricist that collages 100 digitally-enhanced illustrations.  Each image is equipped with a QR code, linking passages from the author’s books and blog.  

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