CEO Kale Abrahamson Launches The Kale Show

CEO Kale Abrahamson Launches The Kale Show
Kale Abrahamson launches his new YouTube channel, The Kale Show to help budding entrepreneurs learn how to successfully invest with crypto and become wealthy.

Kale Abrahamson, the CEO, and co-founder of a multi-million dollar e-commerce company has launched his new channel, called The Kale Show, on YouTube. Abrahamson’s own success in entrepreneurship and crypto investments has given him the desire to teach others how they too can be successful by learning about cryptocurrency and the market. The Kale Show, hosted by Abrahamson from his own home, follows the zig-zagging crypto market in its highs and lows, providing viewers with helpful information about crypto coins, what trends to follow in the market, and which coins they might want to buy or sell.

“Making money is not that hard if you know what you’re doing and what to look for,” Abrahamson says in one of his videos on The Kale Show. “I started this channel to help people; I started this channel because a lot of people didn’t know what the hell they were doing in this market, so I’m never just going to make up stuff to get views.”

About Kale Abrahamson

Kale Abrahamson is a former basketball player on his way to joining the NBA. However, he gave up his lifelong dream of going pro to become a successful entrepreneur instead. While attending Northwestern University, where he played Division 1 basketball, Kale began making money off the court. He sold wristbands and hoverboards around his school and invested the earnings for it to grow into more than triple what he had initially made. Not long after, Abrahamson realized what he wanted was to pursue his passion in business and leave basketball behind to become his own boss. Now, Abrahamson wants to let other young people know that they can do the same and launched his YouTube channel to teach others what he knows about investing in the crypto market. 

The Kale Show

The Kale Show, now with over 124K subscribers who tune in, can be found on New videos are uploaded daily. On The Kale Show, viewers are given first-hand advice about that day’s crypto market from Kale Abrahamson, including up-to-date news. Ever since crypto chatter took off in recent years, its popularity and prices have too, mostly due to crypto not having the same limitations that physical money has. Investing apps (including Robinhood or Coinbase – a platform for crypto trading) make it easy for amateur investors to get involved, but many don’t know where to begin. Plus, the market is constantly fluctuating, which may make it hard for some to keep up. The Kale Show aims to solve that problem, and grants viewers access to free tips and advice on investing so that they may have luck earning money with crypto investments too.

The Kale Show is a YouTube channel hosted by Kale Abrahamson, CEO, and entrepreneur. With more than 124K subscribers today, Kale Abrahamson uses his channel as a stage to offer his advice for success and to assist young people in the buying and trading of cryptocurrency. Kale Abrahamson can also be found on TwitterInstagram, and Linktree.

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