Meet Zoey Jane Heavilin, Little Princess Nation Universe 2022

Zoey Jane Heavilin is a talented 5-year-old girl. She is the reigning Little Princess Nation Universe 2022 Titleholder and music artist. Zoey has been modeling for 6 months. Her love for Fashion and Makeup made her want to get into the modeling industry. Some of her hobbies include; drawing and coloring dresses. Eventually, Zoey wants to learn how to sketch and make dresses on a sewing machine.

Zoey began her journey with the Miss US Nation Pageant after being discovered at the Super Chic San Diego Fashion Week showcase in San Diego, CA. Zoey advanced to the national pageant in Las Vegas, NV where she won the national crown and was then crowned the international title in her age category; Little Princess Nation Universe 2022 in Atlanta, GA.

At her very young age, Zoey released her musical album called Hypno Dance, where she currently has 10,595 monthly listeners. You can find Zoey’s music on Spotify under Zoey Jane. Zoey would like to continue making more music. “I had so much fun making my first album and then dancing to the music with my friends. I also enjoy singing my own songs in my head throughout my day”, says Zoey.

Zoey’s biggest inspiration is her mom. When she grows up, Zoey would like to become a doctor so she can help sick ones. Zoey is always bubbly and kind to everyone, she lights up a room with her outgoing personality. The young girl appreciates leadership as she says she enjoys “leading the way”. As Little Princess Nation Universe 2022, she would like to break the stereotype that modeling and pageant is not just for tall people.

Support Zoey and follow her on Instagram @zoeyhjane

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