Asbestos Removal South Adelaide by a Leading Removal and Testing Company in South Australia Licensed to Remove Class A Asbestos

Asbestos Removal Experts – South of Adelaide offers 24-hour asbestos testing services and reliable asbestos remover. It is one of the leaders and believes that only the highest level of customer service and quality of work will do.

According to announcements released by Asbestos Removal Experts – South of Adelaide, this asbestos removal South Adelaide business is one of the leading asbestos removal companies operating south of Adelaide. It is the only asbestos removal company in the region with a Class A & B license and can remove friable asbestos.

Houses built before 1990 are likelier to have asbestos used for fireproofing, soundproofing, and insulation. Asbestos fibers are dangerous if inhaled, and the risk of inhalation is higher with friable asbestos. Friable asbestos fibers are loosely bonded and are released into the atmosphere even upon slight pressure.

Common asbestos-containing materials outside the house include roofing, wall cladding, fencing, flues, downpipes, guttering, ridge capping, gable ends, and lining under eaves. Inside the house, asbestos can be found in the cement wall linings, splashbacks, underlay sheets for ceramic tiles, etc. Asbestos Removal Experts check for asbestos in these common locations and elsewhere too.

The asbestos testing South Adelaide service is available 24 hours; it has helped many local homes and businesses get rid of dangerous friable asbestos safely and affordably. The business complies with all the relevant duties under the Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) and Work Health and Safety Regulations 2012.

The technicians use personal protective equipment and implement the appropriate asbestos removal methods -wet or dry – depending upon the situation.

According to sources, Asbestos Removal Experts – South of Adelaide cleans up after an asbestos removal job, leaving behind no mess and fuss for its clients. The team responds to telephone calls and answers questions patiently. It can offer a prognosis based on a prospective customer’s photos. A visual inspection on site is required for a more thorough assessment. The asbestos removal process includes waste containment and disposal.

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Asbestos Removal Experts – South of Adelaide said, “If you need asbestos removed from your South Adelaide home or business, then call us today. We are A-Class certified and can remove any asbestos you may have. If you have asbestos roof tiles, you should have them removed and replaced with newer tiles. We can have this done at an affordable price. Our team of professionals can identify asbestos in its many forms and various locations where it is used. Property owners are not always aware of where asbestos may be present on their property and the damage it could be causing. We help homeowners by removing bonded asbestos sheeting that contaminates the soil. Our technicians are trained in safe containment and cleaning techniques.

Don’t open up your premise to cowboys; this is a professional job. Even though asbestos is a hazardous material, and its removal requires training and skill, we charge a very reasonable price for our service. And we hold certifications that few other asbestos removal companies can claim to have. Check reviews to learn what our customers have to say about our service. We get a fair amount of our business from referrals by satisfied customers that recommend us.”

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Asbestos Removal Experts – South of Adelaide is the leading asbestos removal and testing company in the area. We have helped hundreds of residents with their asbestos removal needs and have our A & B class license. Call us today for all of your asbestos removal and testing work you may need to be done.

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