LADA LEGINA Announces 2022 Launch of New 3D Printed Space Collection “COSMO”

LADA LEGINA Announces 2022 Launch of New 3D Printed Space Collection "COSMO"

LADA LEGINA Announces 2022 Launch of New 3D Printed Space Collection “COSMO”

One thing LADA LEGINA has never been afraid to do is to step outside the box with her jewelry designs. She has never been the type of person to settle on being ordinary and has always believed that a person’s style is their ultimate form of self-expression. LADA LEGINA’s latest collection is designed for people like herself, who were born to stand out. 

COSMO defies the odds and breaks away from the jewelry norms. This new collection uses 3D technology to bring the jewelry to life. It also features 15 brand new sets of idiosyncratic designs. With the new year, comes a new jewelry collection that fashion risk-takers are counting down the days for. 

What to expect with LADA LEGINA’s new collection

What makes LADA LEGINA one of the most unique jewelry designers of this generation is that she aims to create art by pushing the boundaries of what fashion should be. To her, every piece of jewelry should be wearable art. While she has always appreciated a traditional design, LADA LEGINA also loves to push the limits with what she can do.

Incorporating 3D designs using high-end materials to create new concepts with her designs, LADA LEGINA thrives on challenging the traditional style of jewelry. Each design in the new COSMO collection has a unique backstory and narrative. What makes COSMO extremely rare is that the style changes based on the person who wears it.

Each design is adaptable to suit the person who is wearing it. This means that the same design could be seen in more than one way. These one-of-a-kind statement pieces are the easiest way for people to bring the art gallery to their outfits. 


LADA LEGINA is an up-and-coming jewelry designer who isn’t afraid to take her designs to the next level. She isn’t the common jeweler that every town has. This designer has a different plan up her sleeves. She used modern technology to create jewelry designs that are unapologetically bold, just like the people who are wearing them.

Already, LADA LEGINA has gained respect from many established designers. What they love about her work is how she is able to create a multitude of different designs but always stay true to her brand. This jewelry designer has big dreams, and COSMO is only the start for the new year.

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