THE BUILD GR8NESS NETWORK launches a series of business journals to help businesses scale higher

“Build it Anyway, 88 Ways To Gr8ness” offers 88 ways to set business goals and attain them.

O’Fallon, Illinois – December 21, 2021 – After smashing success with “Funding My Dreams, The Ultimate Guide To Building Business Credit”, THE BUILD GR8NESS NETWORK is pleased to announce the recent launch of its business goal planner on Amazon. Titled “Build it Anyway, 88 Ways To Gr8ness”, the planner is strategically designed to chalk out daily business goals and motivate users to pursue them sincerely to scale up their business to success. 

Build it Anyway, 88 Ways To Gr8ness” is a part of the company’s business publication series in association with its recent journal “Funding My Dreams, The Ultimate Guide To Building Business Credit”. Launched in August, the journal has earned rave reviews and stellar 5 star ratings on Amazon. 

Written by Ora Lockett, the CEO and founder of THE BUILD GR8NESS NETWORK and THE GR8FULL COMPANY, “Build it Anyway, 88 Ways To Gr8ness” was launched on Amazon on December 16, 2021. 

The newly launched planner is designed to help entrepreneurs prioritize as well as manifest their dreams so that they can have something as a constant reminder of their goals and aspiring progress. Each page on the planner allows users to jot down their every day business goals so that they can have a clear picture of the micro-goals they should aim to achieve every single day- while moving towards the ultimate bigger goal. 

“It’s an exciting moment for me to announce the launch of the new planner of my business series, ‘Build it Anyway, 88 Ways To Gr8ness’, this month. Every entrepreneur proceeds with a big business goal in mind. But a larger goal consists of several small goals that one has to achieve every single day to reach up to the bigger picture. It’s always smarter to break down your big goal into several small goals that are easy to attain and they also help to keep you on track as you proceed towards the larger one- step by step.  This is where our brand new business daily goal planner will come to your help”, stated Ora, the creator of the planner and the founder of  THE BUILD GR8NESS NETWORK.

“My new business daily goal planner will help you with goal setting, executing, as well as attaining designated outcomes in as many as 88 ways.”

THE BUILD GR8NESS NETWORK is a leading business resource platform that empowers businesses to establish a thriving presence through various forms of resources, such as grant information, provision of brand advertising space, and funding opportunities. The company also supports entrepreneurs with information on the latest courses and webinars on business, as well as e-books and various kinds of business tools.  

“At THE BUILD GR8NESS NETWORK, we are committed to help entrepreneurs, especially the new and aspiring ones, to scale up and make it big. We power them up with all major kinds of resources and advertising space to help them spread the word about their brand. From how to build business credit to where to receive funding to how to map up business goals, we will help with all.” 

The company also offers business coaching sessions for entrepreneurs.

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