Philippines getting First-ever Events Marketplace just before Christmas with EventsFairy

EventsFairy is looking forward to reviving the events industry scene in the Philippines by creating a convenient online marketplace which connects event suppliers with people looking for event services.

Manila, PH – December 22, 2021 – The pandemic dealt a heavy blow to the business and one of the major businesses that had one of the worst hits was the events industry. Some of the event suppliers that are trying to thrive are facing challenges as there is no platform to book them- and for the same reason customers are also having a hard time finding event suppliers, until now. EventsFairy is all set to revolutionize the events scene in the country by introducing the FIRST-ever events marketplace online to create an easy bridge between event suppliers and clients looking for help for their event. 

EventsFairy is launching today. The website is live now and users can check out the featured suppliers. 

In an exclusive interview, Laila Hofileña, the visionary co-founder of the startup, shared that it all started when the founders discovered how severe the pandemic had hit the events industry. While many of those working in the events industry lost their jobs, it’s the event suppliers who had to bear the major share of the brunt. On the other hand, with the government now again permitting events and gatherings, people are having a hard time finding event party suppliers. It’s this dual crisis that inspired them to introduce the first-ever events marketplace to the Philippines party scene. And thus, EventsFairy was born.

“We are excited to bring to you the first ever events marketplace in the Philippines that aims to connect event suppliers with people or corporate offices planning for events. A lot of event suppliers were almost on the verge of closing their business due to lack of opportunities in the pandemic era – but now that things are changing and we are again allowed to organize events – it would be great if they can receive a convenient platform to get back to their business once again. On the other hand, a lot of people too had been struggling to find the right suppliers for their event. They can count on EventsFairy to compare and find the best rated suppliers for them through just one single platform”, stated Laila. 

EventsFairy caters to all kinds of event suppliers needed for a party or event. From decoration to food and catering to makeup and styling to music and entertainment to rentals to photography and video – the platform accommodates all these and everything in between. Event organizers will also be able to book event services through the platform.  

Every event supplier will be able to create a detailed profile on EventsFairy. They can put their pictures, compact description of their business, average price, description, and multiple photos of the products and services offered. Customers can submit their reviews and ratings on event suppliers that will be featured on the latters’ EventsFairy profile page. The ratings and reviews will help future customers to compare and choose the best vendor for their event services.  

“If you want to know further details about an event supplier on our site, you can request for a free quote. You can also chat with them directly through their profile on our portal. We assure you only the most premium and reliable suppliers with competitive rates. We assure you the most convenient experience on our platform.”

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