Virginia is for Griffters (the extra F is for the lawyers) doubles down on efforts to educate the public on the importance of exposing public corruption

Mr. Platt highlights his personal experiences and the societal costs of institutional corruption in Virginia through his platform – (the extra F is for the lawyers).

Figure 1: defines a grifter as “a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud”

Institutional corruption is a global issue that has plagued many sectors both public and private. Deception and fraud result in the loss of personal capitol, valuable tax revenues and undermines the growth of economies. Mr. Platt points out that graft results in consequences for individuals and society as a whole. Most people believe that shady dealings only occur in emerging markets, while in a real sense graft is deeply ingrained in many parts of any moving economy. This is why it’s crucial to expose corruption in order to curb its effects.

Mr. Platt has been a victim of institutional corruption. As a resident of Virginia, he sought help from his government to pursue launching his patented end-to-end design-ordering-manufacturing system. He’d been working on this in Virginia for nearly a decade. What ensued became a whirlwind that set the stage for the creation of his site – (the extra F is for the lawyers). He intricately outlines his story in the ‘My Story’ section of his site and fully supports it with attached documentation. 

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His experiences taught him the necessity of not only exposing corruption but demonstrating to the public the existence of graft and deception that currently exists in various institutions. A space where people can learn about the individual and societal cost of corruption and what to do about it.

By establishing this site, Mr. Platt has created a platform that gives people a clear view of the role they can play in the fight against corruption. With the world now in the digital age, he believes that the public is better positioned to demand transparency and accountability from all sectors. The platform enables people to share their stories in the ‘share your story’ section as well as participate in a $5,000.00 Grand prize contest identifying violations of law and public policy (see site for details).

Virginia is for Griffters (the extra F is for the lawyers) began as a cry for help as Mr. Platt struggled to establish his small business in Virginia and was cut down by corruption. Creating the site gave him a higher purpose. Its become a focal point of relevant information and taking action. “I built this website so that others can benefit and learn from my experiences. Virginians need to know what questions to ask and whom to avoid at all costs”.

Unchecked, corruption can cause severe damage to individuals and society at large. It becomes easier to prevent corruption when people join together to expose the grifters. This way, entrepreneurs will no longer suffer injustices alone. Mr. Platt explains that it is especially important to shine a spotlight on corruption because it mostly affects the vulnerable. Society must protect everyone equally. We must all follow the rules if we want to be a part of building a more prosperous and equitable society. (the extra F is for the lawyers) sells merchandize bearing the site name. This contributes to spreading the message and raising awareness on the importance of calling out corruption.

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