How To Make Lace Frontal Wigs Look Natural?

How To Make Lace Frontal Wigs Look Natural?

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A lot of people find that lace frontal wigs aren’t as natural as they thought when they installed the wigs themselves. In particular, it’s easy to see traces of lace around the hairline. Then how to make lace frontal wigs look natural?

1. Whatever the size of the lace frontal wigs human hair, people must choose the right lace color for them. 

At present, the main types of lace on the market are dark brown lace, light brown lace, transparent lace, and HD lace. Dark brown lace and light brown lace are more suitable for black women or women with darker skin. Transparent lace is more suitable for women with lighter skin or white skin. Brown lace and transparent lace are very common lace in the market, so their prices are relatively low.

HD lace is suitable for women of all colors, it can melt into any skin tone. This lace has high transparency and high air permeability. Compared with the previous two types of lace, HD lace is more delicate and thin. This means that the HD lace wig will be relatively more expensive. But don’t assume that brown lace and transparent lace are not as good as HD lace. Because they are not as thin as HD lace, their service life is longer than HD lace. 

Different lace has their advantages and disadvantages, according to their own needs to choose the most suitable for them is the most important.

2. Pre-pluck the hairline hair and shaping the lace into the hairline is also important. 

Before installing the wig, please make sure the wig is pre-plucked. Wigs without a pre-plucked hairline can also cause them to look unnatural. All wigs in West Kiss Hair are slightly pre-plucked hairline. In this way, customers who can’t pluck the hairline don’t have to worry about the unnatural hairline, and customers who are good at plucking the hairline can also trim according to their likes. When trimming lace, people should also follow the shape of their hairline. Don’t try to be the same as everyone else, because everyone has different face shapes and hairlines.

The last but not least, applying foundation to lace is also a good way to make lace match people’s skin tone. 

If people would like to buy the lace frontal wig that fits them, they can go to West Kiss Hair Store. We have been selling hair for over 13 years. We have a wide range of lace wigs, hair bundles, lace closures, and lace frontals in different styles.

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