Carolina Cardiology Offers Treatments for Valvular Heart Disease

Carolina Cardiology Offers Treatments for Valvular Heart Disease

The valves of the heart are a critical component of this organ. When valvular issues begin to arise, the blood volume sent out by the heart can be greatly reduced. Individuals who suffer from valvular heart disease need consistent monitoring to ensure their condition is not worsening. With ongoing treatment, individuals can protect the normal function of their hearts and ensure the organs pump blood efficiently throughout their bodies. 

What Is Valve Disease?

When a person has valvular heart disease, one or more of the valves in their heart have been damaged. The human heart has a total of four valves. These valves open and close at precise points, allowing blood to move to the different chambers and from or to various body parts. 

Treatment for this disease depends entirely on how many valves are affected and the severity of the issue. Individuals who are at a higher risk of developing this disease need to be aware of the signs that may develop. Monitoring symptoms will help individuals know when they need to seek care from a Cardiologist in Rock Hill, SC

Symptoms of Valve Disease

Multiple symptoms can begin to occur when someone has a problem with one or more of their heart valves. If a person notices any of the following symptoms, they need to take action and talk to their doctor right away. A primary care physician will refer their patients to a cardiologist if there are signs of valve problems in the heart. 

  • Dizziness

  • Chest pressure

  • Shortness of breath

  • Swelling in the ankles and feet

  • Heart murmurs

  • Fatigue

  • Irregular heartbeat

  • Fainting

If a person notices any of the above symptoms, it would be wise for them to discuss their concerns with a doctor. A cardiologist is the best medical professional to treat all types of valve disease. At a general cardiology office, individuals can have their hearts evaluated fully. 

The doctor will talk with the patient about any symptoms they are experiencing. The doctor may also order diagnostic testing, including an EKG and an echocardiogram. These two tests are the most effective at diagnosing valve concerns. 

How Are Valve Conditions Treated?

For minor valve conditions, most people will simply need to be monitored. Medications can be used to keep the blood flowing more normally and minimize symptoms. If the valve issue begins to worsen, intervention may be needed. 

A cardiologist can surgically replace the valve, depending on the needs of the patient. Valve replacement is typically only needed when the valve condition worsens to the point that the opening is greatly damaged or the valve is no longer opening. 

Learn More Today

Individuals who are in need of cardiology services should schedule a consultation right away. These appointments allow individuals to seek the critical heart care they need so their condition can be monitored carefully. Now is the time to seek the necessary care. 

Carolina Cardiology Associates is dedicated to providing their patients in Rock Hill, SC, and surrounding communities with the heart care they need. Cardiologists offer a range of services to treat all types of heart concerns, including valve damage.

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