Larder Meat Co. Delivers Transparent, Farm-Sourced Meat to Households Nationwide

The company partners with small farmers and ranchers responsibly raising pork, beef and chicken across the Golden state.

Larder Meat Co. is a family-run business that believes in farms over factories and delivers pasture-raised meat straight to customers’ doorsteps. Former farm-to-table restaurateurs with a passion for good food, Grace and Jensen Lorenzen founded the Larder Meat Co. in 2016 to bring much needed transparency to the meat industry.

A subscription based company, monthly shipments include grass fed beef, pasture raised chicken, heritage pork and sustainable seafood. With a strong commitment to transparency in sourcing, every product is clearly labeled with the farm it came from.

Larder’s partner farmers adhere to the most stringent requirements of humane care. Animals are raised in tranquil, low-stress surroundings and vast pastures from birth to maturity without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones or GMO feed. The company is also deeply committed to environmental stewardship, as are its partner farmers, who prioritize regenerative agriculture practices with a long-term sustainability perspective.

“Looking for a simple way to move away from store-bought meat and support a better food system? A convenient Club Box from The Larder Meat Co. makes it easy to automate your supply of sustainable meat from the family farm to your family’s table,” shared Grace and Jensen.

The company is located on the Central Coast of California and sources exclusively from farms in the Golden State. This regional focus helps the company reduce its carbon impact while supporting their local food system, a founding principle that became instrumental in their ability to continuously service customers during the pandemic.

Meat shipped from international destinations for further processing here can be labeled a “product of the U.S.A.”. That means the burger you buy in the grocery store is quite possibly an Australian-Uruguayan blend. Of all the meat raised in the U.S., a staggering 99% comes from factory farms (also known as CAFOs – or Certified Animal Feeding Operations). The Larder Meat Co is on a mission to offer a more sustainable alternative.

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About Larder Meat Co.

Larder Meat Co. is a family-run business that delivers sustainable, California pasture-raised meat from the family farm to customers’ homes.

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