Vasindux Begins Assembly in the USA for the New 2022 Pro And Pro+ PEMF Products

The new 2022 models provide an effective but affordable alternative to PEMF therapy.

US-based manufacturer of wellness technologies Vasindux announces the assembly of its new PEMF products for 2022. The Vasindux Pro and Pro+ feature the most advanced and easy-to-use pulsed electromagnetic devices for home and professional use. They set a new industry standard by combining ingenious engineering, meticulous manufacturing, and superior technology with affordability unmatched by competitors.

“We provide affordable PEMF Therapy products assembled in the USA,” says the team from Vasindux.

The 2022 Vasindux Pro and Pro+ are the results of years of research, development, and the dedication to bring wellness innovation to a wider market. Vasindux perfected them to provide long-term value and positive transformative health effects to all users.

The Vasindux Pro highlights a lightweight body and a simple interface with quick-start shortcuts, suitable for home and light professional use. It comes with 12 preset programs and an advanced custom program to fit users’ needs.

Like the Vasindux Pro, the Pro+ model boasts an easy-to-use interface and shortcuts. In addition, it features simultaneous dual output, reversing polarity, higher power, 37 present programs, and a customizable setting. The Pro+ model is Vasindux’s most advanced PEMF product, making it preferred for any professional setting.

Both 2022 PEMF devices have three main program categories – Primary PEMF Therapy, Chakra PEMF Therapy, and Bioresonance Therapy.

The Primary PEMF Therapy creates gentle and low magnetic pulses that improve cellular health. The low-frequency pulses are consistent with the Earth’s magnetic field, which create a healing environment in the body through non-invasive natural processes.

The Chakra PEMF Therapy targets the body’s energy centers to align the seven main points of the Chakra energy in the spine. Bioresonance Therapy amplifies healthy vibrations and removes abnormal frequencies from the body.

Vasindux’s PEMF system is proven to bring plenty of natural health benefits. It uses sine and square waveforms to stimulate regeneration at a cellular level and improve circulation throughout the body. This leads to healthier organs, faster recovery time, reduced discomfort, and improved physical strength. It also helps to remove toxins and increases oxygen and nutrient transportation.

While PEMF devices have been around for some time, it’s only recently that they have been marketed at an affordable price. With Vasindux’s 2022 PEMF devices, more people can benefit from better health management and preventive care.

Vasindux’s products are created using high-quality materials and carefully assembled in the USA to guarantee the quality, durability, and performance of each PEMF device.

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