Mathieu Hauguel’s new album, “Horizon,” a massive hit in France and other countries

Mathieu Hauguel is all out in making headway in the music industry after releasing “Horizon,” which further stamps his indelible mark in the pop and reggaeton scene.

Mathieu Hauguel continues to make waves in the industry after the successful release of his new album “Horizon.”

The young singer from Pays de Caux, who currently has a whopping 1.3 million followers on social networking site Instagram, made it to the Top 5 Best-Selling Album on iTunes. 

His single, “Encore une fois,” has also ruled the Spotify charts, making him one of the most talked-about artists this year. 

“I just feel honored to be recognized for my music. I’ve always dreamt of paursuing a career in music. It is my home. Now it’s just surreal to see and look at everything in front of me,” Mathieu said in an interview. 

“Horizon” features 16 songs, which include “Intro, “Horizon,” “Freedom,” “J’prends la route,” “Pour elle,” “Encore une fois,” “T’es ma jolie,” “Comme un ange,” “Bang Bang,” “Réalité,” “Si tu pars,” “Leila,” “Pour toi,” “Demain,” “Folie,” and T’es ma jolie,” with the song also showcasing a Piano version. 

Horizon’s official music video was released on YouTube last November 28th and has so far earned about 200,000 views on the social media platform.

Fans have lauded the track for its incredible production and its futuristic take on things. Horizon is a continuation of Mathieu’s indelible mark on the pop and reggaeton scene. The music video has been heavily streamed in France and in various countries around the world.

“I always want to bring a new sound and new feel about things on my music. I want to bring something new to the table while deepening my roots as an individual and as an artist. I’m just happy that thousands of fans are here supporting me all the way,” Mathieu shared. Overall, his Horizon album is much more retro and provides a feel-good atmosphere with incredible symphony and melody.

The young singer from Pays de Caux says he also plans to launch a concert so he can meet with thousands of his fans on the global stage. He adds that there is no shortage of projects for him this year.

Mathieu earlier released a new video clip titled “Freedom,” which immediately smashed records and accumulated thousands of views on YouTube. 

One of his recent video clips, T’es ma jolie, also passed the million view mark, thanks to his massive fanbase in France and around the world that has supported him since day one.

Mathieu has also bagged a gold record on his album “Avenir Incertain” as well as two gold singles for “Tes ma jolie” and “Freedom,” a French pop track. Mathieu’s first album has sold 63.055 physical copies and in music streaming.

Those who want to learn more about Mathieu Hauguel may visit the website and his social media channels to learn more. They can follow and subscribe right away to get updated on his latest happenings and developments.

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