Elm Dirt Ranked High For Their Plant Booster

Kansas City-based family-run worm farm, Elm Dirt, continues to receive accolades from clients for their Plant Booster, a premium brewed worm castings derived formula to help plants grow

The team at Elm Dirt, a family-run worm farm in Kansas City, has become increasingly popular in a relatively short while, with the rave reviews received from clients across the nation for their Plant Booster substantiating this claim. Elm Dirt launched their Plant Booster as a formula to help plants grow bigger and stronger and the product has practically stolen the show since it was made available to growers, especially organic gardeners, nationwide.

This product took my pale, struggling organic Cuban Organo Plant to a prize winning specimen. I utilized 1 oz of both (Elm Dirt Plant Booster & Bloom Booster) per gallon of non-chlorinated water, two times a week for 8 weeks in the ground through foliar feeding. Of course a healthy plant requires more watering, as the microorganism activity & digested amino acids is what restored this plant. The plant was suffering from a pH imbalance and nutrient deficiency. This plant is currently so heavy due to its restoration and massive production that this plant must be pruned and or harvested. If I had a before picture, one would never believe it was the same plant. The proof is in the results,” said Garrett R from Florida.

Millions of people across the globe are becoming interested in gardening due to the several benefits that come with the practice. Unfortunately, it can be sometimes challenging and even frustrating when the plants do not grow as desired. Consequently, brands have emerged to develop fertilizers to support plant growth, many of which are chemical-laden, often detrimental to the environment and delivering short-term results. However, Elm Dirt seeks to change this narrative as substantiated by their relatively new yet prominent Plant Booster.

The Plant Booster is specially brewed with premium worm castings and other organic additives, proven to help boost microbial activity and nutrients. The 100% organic product contains worm castings, and a proprietary blend of organic plant and microbial food, delivering all the necessary nutrients to ensure the growth and protection of the plant from certain diseases and fungus.

The product, like other products and formulations from Elm Dirt, is particularly ideal for growing plants naturally and sustainably, with no chemicals involved in its formulation or preparation.

For more information about the plant booster and other products from Elm Dirt, visit – https://www.elmdirt.com/.

About Elm Dirt

Elm Dirt is a family-run worm farm located in Kansas City. The farm was established in 2020 and has grown in popularity and acceptance across the United States. The goal is to help worm and organic farmers get the best from their plants using 100% natural and organic solutions as opposed to harmful chemical-laden fertilizers and farming products.

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