Do Less, Savor More with Auntie Nono’s Seasonings

For home cooks trying to get foolproof foods on the table fast, Auntie Nono’s blends bring crowd-pleasing meals to life with more flavor and less fuss.

When it comes to cooking, sometimes, it is the small yet thoughtful touches that make the biggest difference to the food’s taste. Committed to boosting flavor in everyday cooking and bringing crowd-pleasing meals to life, Auntie Nono’s decided to come up with a line of seasoning inspired by family recipes to bring a dash of modern flavor to homemade pantry staples.

Made with a combination of salt, spice, and everything nice, Auntie Nono’s seasonings are here to level up any dish and please all palates – adding more flavor without the fuss. Auntie Nono’s offers custom spice blends designed to be applied to vegetables, proteins, soup bases and more. In fact, home cooks can use these on anything (or everything) and expect their food to have better flavor.

Auntie Nono’s layered seasoning combinations allow different notes to enhance food’s natural flavors – making it rich and savory without being overwhelming. However, its flavors can be amplified further with different application levels. For different effects, seasonings can be applied at the beginning, middle, or end of food preparation. Thanks to Auntie Nono’s seasonings, it is now possible to do less and savor more.

Auntie Nono’s prides itself for having all natural ingredients that are vegetarian- and vegan-friendly, as well as Kosher. Made in America, their three seasoning blends – the Everything Seasoning, the Seafood Seasoning, and the Firecracker Sea Salt – each brings exciting flavors to the table.

Want to bring out the zest in one’s meals? The Everything Seasoning is a one and done custom blend of savory spices that does exactly that. On the other hand, those who want a balanced blend of lemon, paprika, and the sweet and savory kick of mustard can rely on Auntie Nono’s Seafood Seasoning to make fish (or any dish) taste even better. And finally, the custom mix of chipotle, jalapeño and scorpion chiles in the Firecracker Sea Salt blend goes beyond basic to deliver salt and spice in a pinch.

A single 187g of Auntie Nono’s seasoning is available for $9.95. Meanwhile, these are also available in packs of 2 and 3 for only $18.90 and $27.76, respectively. For those who want to try all three seasonings, Auntie Nono’s also has a savory sampler set for $29.78 and a savory sampler gift set for $32.98.

Currently, Auntie Nono’s ships within the United States and offers free shipping to customers with over $25 worth of purchases.

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Auntie Nono’s is a small business founded in downtown Charleston, South Carolina that offers home cooks handcrafted seasoning blends to elevate their meals with more flavor and less fuss.

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