Pro Covid Test Provides Mobile Covid-19 Testing For South Chicago and Southern Suburbs

Pro Covid Test Provides Mobile Covid-19 Testing For South Chicago and Southern Suburbs

“Pro Covid Test”
Testing for Covid-19 just got easier with Pro Covid Test mobile services

Covid is on the rise and it doesn’t look like it stopping anytime soon. With the holidays amongst us the spread of Covid is increasing. The need for Covid testing is rising as most testing facilities are understaffed and locations are typically overcrowded. There is a solution for those in the south suburbs of Chicago and the south side of Chicago.

Pro Covid Test offers at home Covid-19 testing for everyone in your household. They also offer testing for businesses and other facilities located in the south suburbs and south side of Chicago. Getting a test is easy and most of all its free. An individual from Pro Covid Test will bring the test to your home or establishment and allow everyone on site to receive a free Covid test. Then they will bring the test back to their lab for analysis and you will receive your results via email as soon as 24 hours. It’s that simple.

With the easy use of Pro Covid Test there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be tested for Covid. They make it easy for individuals to get tested as well as businesses. “We’re willing to test anyone who wants to be tested within our geographic parameters” states James Moore part owner of Pro Covid Test. “We’re doing everything we possibly can to make sure we are always stocked with test kits and that we can reach individuals and businesses,” stated Moore. “We have recently partnered with Cornerstone Community Development to help test the underserved communities in the southern suburbs to make sure everyone who wants to be tested is able to be tested,” stated J.R. Thomas the other owner of Pro Covid Test. Tests are delivered to your door so you don’t have t worry about leaving. In addition, you will get test results back as soon as 24 hours of taking your test.

In addition to free Covid testing Pro Covid Test also offers Covid cleaning services. Pro Covid Test has OSHA certified cleaners that are also Covid-19 cleaning certified in the proper methods to remove Covid from your residence or business. For those that are interested you sign up for a free consultation and one of the members of their team will contact you to set up and appointment.

Recently Pro Covid Test has partnered with Cornerstone Community Development Corporation in Ford Heights, IL to do weekly testing for members of the community. Dates and times will be available on the website of Pro Covid Test and also available by calling Cornerstone Community Development Corporation at 708-758-2565.

To schedule a test to be delivered to your home or establishment simply visit or call 708-414-0169 and leave a message with your name, address, email, date for exams, phone number, and number of tests needed and someone from their office will reach out to you. Do you part and get tested for Covid-19 and stop the spread.

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