Information of Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-Metal Grinding

Binic Abrasive produce aluminium oxide flap disc for customer. We have size from diameter 100mm(4”) until Diameter 180mm(7”), and the Grit from 40 to 120.


  • Mild steel, tool steels, plastic, primer, lacquers and wood.
  • Cleaning of welding seams, deburring, chamfer, De-rust, preparatory works for lacquer of car-bodies, machines, switch boards, tank constructions, sanding of wooden surface such asparquet for furniture


  • 2000PCS

Binic Ceramic Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-Stainless Steel & Metal

Binic offers four integrated product groups, for each user and application we offer the right flap disc. All flap disc are manufactured according to the applicable standards and guarantee the highest degree safety.

The introduction of BINIC Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc-Metal Grinding, Professional flap discs for the aggressive effective removal of surface materials without damaging the finished work piece. These flap discs are engineered for multiple applications including light stock removal, blending and finishing, meaning they can help reduce processing times and lower costs. Flap discs have a fast cut and provide a better finish than fibre discs while having the added benefit of a longer life.

Standard Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc


  • Flat and conical flap discs with fiberglass or plastic backing support
  • High quality Aluminum Oxide grains.
  • Strong fiberglass and X-weight cloth backing
  • T29 shape ideal for contour and edge work.
  • T27 shape good for working on flat grinding surfaces.
  • High Strength Polyester Sanding Flap Paper
  • Reinforced Fiberglass BackingAluminum Oxide Abrasive Grains with No-Load Calcium Coating•    Resists gumming up or chip adhesion – extends life of disc and protects work piece

Product Advantage:

  • High performance, durable
  • Available in High Density and Standard Density
  • High performance aluminumoxide grain offers aggressive and consistent stock removal
  • Heavy cloth with resistance to wear
  • Highly efficient on stainless and carbon steel
  • Fibre glass backed
  • Long life in application


Rating: ★★★☆

Image Inch Metric(mm) Type Grit
Aluminium Oxide – Metal Grinding 4”x5/8” 100×16 T27/29 A40-120#
4.5”x7/8” 115×22.2 T27/29 A40-120#
5”x7/8” 125×22.2 T27/29 A40-120#
6”X7/8” 150×22.2 T27/29 A40-120#
7”x7/8” 180×22.2 T27/29 A40-120#

Standard plus Aluminium Oxide Flap Disc

With Increased Flaps Number


  • Flat and conical flap discs with fiberglass or plastic backing support

Product Advantage:

  • High performance, durable

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