How to Choose the Best Massage Chairs for Seniors – A Guide Before Buying

December 31, 2021 – The health benefits one can derive from regular massage chair use are undeniable, but what really determines how effective massages are is ultimately subjective. As each and every person’s state of well-being is different at any given time, so are the remedies that are best suited to treat or mitigate their effects. That is why it is generally not recommended to rely solely on a list of top-selling massage chairs when shopping for massage chairs, especially if the intended user is a senior.

As the year comes to an end and the holiday sales period peaks, the interest in the best massage chairs of 2021 also increases. To help take advantage of this sales period, The Modern Back, one of the most trusted retailers of massage chairs in Florida, has prepared a short guide for those looking to get their elderly loved ones the ideal massage chairs. This guide will feature questions buyers need to ask themselves before they make a purchase.

Q. What Size of Massage Chair Is Needed?

Massage chairs can come in different sizes ranging from big and tall ones to more compact sizes. Size is an important factor because it is the first basis for comfort. The user will feel discomfort around the knee and the neck area if the massage chair they are using is ill-fitting. For elderly users, feeling discomfort in those areas defeats the purpose of the massage chair. It is most often stated in the product specifications of the massage chair what height it is most suited for. However, because of the advancements in technology, it is now possible for full-body massage chairs to automatically adjust the area of effect of certain parts to accommodate different heights and sizes.

Massage Chair Recommendation: The AmaMedic Hilux 4D massage chair features an auto-extendable footrest and adjustable shoulder massage. It works by having a computer body scan system installed in the massage chair that customizes the massage experience according to each unique user.

Q. How Much Time Will be Spent on the Massage Chair?

Using a massage chair for extended periods is common for people of old age. Most of them suffer from the debilitating effects of muscle and bone degradation and as such would much prefer staying in one location for the majority of the day. A back massage chair that has a zero-gravity recline is perfect for such circumstances. These massage chairs can recline up to a full 90 degrees from the perpendicular while keeping the knees and neck above the height level of the heart. This gives a weightless experience that improves blood circulation and also removes stress from other parts of the body. For this very reason, they feel very comfortable sleeping on. Because of the extra components that are required to make this happen, it is generally not recommended for buyers on a budget to get a zero gravity massage chair if it would only be used in short intervals. 

Massage Chair Recommendation: The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair not only features a zero-gravity recline option, but also a flexible massage track that is able to reach parts of the body most standard massage chairs cannot. The best part is that its rollers are equipped with heat therapy technology which seniors will surely love.

Q. What Kind of Massage Is Desired?

The massage that a person can experience in a massage chair is more than just a set of wheels going up and down the back. It attempts to imitate and improve on current massage techniques. This comes in the form of unique massage programs that users can choose from. Each program is a simulated experience of a specific massage technique, designed to achieve the same benefits that human massages can do. Since different massage techniques focus on different parts of the body, it is advisable that buyers choose a massage chair that can treat areas of their bodies that are frequently targeted by muscle pain and other complications.

Massage Chair Recommendation: The Osaki massage chairs line has many qualifiers for this category, but among them stands out the Osaki Maestro LE massage chair. It comes with 8 automatic programs like Shiatsu (for lower back pain), Gentle Relief (for blood circulation), and Rejuvenate.

Final Remarks

When scanning through massage chairs for sale in a furniture store or licensed massage chair distributor, it is best to keep these questions in mind to ensure that the buyer gets exactly what they want in a massage chair. This is because although the market is abundant in different brands and variations of massage chairs from the classy and sleek modern aesthetics of American massage recliner chairs to the technologically complex Japanese massage chairs, such abundance in choice can also often lead to a frustratingly difficult experience in choosing a suitable massage chair. This becomes much more difficult when looking for a massage chair for the elderly since they require more delicate attention when it comes to their needs.

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