Westchase Physical Therapy in Tampa, FL Stimulates Natural Healing Through Physical Therapy for Occupational and Sports Therapies

Westchase Physical Therapy is a family-owned therapy center that treats musculoskeletal and neurological disorders through manual therapy and exercise programs. The customized treatment procedures deliver pain relief while reducing dependence on painkillers.

According to announcements released by Westchase Physical Therapy and John Magee, since 2014, this family-owned physical therapy clinic has served the community in and around Tampa, FL, under its current ownership.

Musculoskeletal disorders of the bones, muscles, and joints are painful and severely affect movements. These conditions result from injuries, aging, poor posture, genetics, and repetitive motion. Westchase Physical Therapy treats arthritis, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, degenerative back disease, fibromyalgia, and neck pain.

The trained staff at Westchase Physical Therapy treats finger, arm, wrist, and shoulder injuries, orthopedic conditions, and neurological disorders through occupational therapy. The treatment is delivered in a modern facility by compassionate experts who attend to each patient with focus and care. They work with each patient to speed up the recovery process.

Westchase Physical Therapy provides occupational therapy through one-on-one treatment, manual therapy, pain relief procedures, customized plans for care, home exercise programs, intervention to assist with activities, and adaptive equipment.

The center has worked with top teams from different sports. Its clients include amateur and professional athletes. Sports injury treatment at Westchase Physical Therapy aims to help the sportsperson return to the sport as quickly as possible and achieve better fitness to minimize the risk of injury. Treatment is delivered after a thorough diagnosis and involves hands-on therapy, specialized equipment, rehab at the onsite gym, and a program to ensure a safe entry back to the sports field.

Westchase Physical Therapy has helped gyms and sports clubs keep their members injury-free through comprehensive body screening. This can prevent joint injuries, soft tissue damage, back and neck injuries, and other issues preventing one from benefiting mentally and physically from the sport.

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John Magee of Westchase Physical Therapy said, “Westchase Physical Therapy has been serving the Tampa Bay community since 2006, and has been under the current ownership since 2014. We are a family-owned establishment. Our owners are both therapists, John Magee is a licensed Physical Therapist, and his wife Roisin Magee is a licensed Occupational Therapist.

We offer the absolute best service and consistently achieve excellent outcomes. As a company, we are genuinely passionate about helping people. We help our patients eliminate pain and restore function via ‘hands-on’ manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, and education. And without the use of drugs, shots, or surgery.

At Westchase Physical Therapy, we believe that treatment should remain personalized and hands-on. Our dedicated team of Physical Therapists and certified manual therapists will deliver customized treatments to help you reach your rehabilitation, wellness, and performance goals.

Whether you’re working to recover from an acute injury, improve joint and muscle function for daily activities, or achieve advanced physical performance objectives. Westchase PT will deliver a tailored plan to help you achieve your goal in the shortest time possible. Treatment typically involves hands-on manual therapy, pain relief modalities, and corrective exercise therapy.

In accordance with the Florida Physical Therapy Practice Act, patients are now empowered to have direct access to physical therapy, without consulting a doctor for a referral for the first 30 days.”

About the Company:

Westchase Physical Therapy treats medical conditions through hands-on physical therapy and exercise programs without drugs or surgery. Its patients are from all walks of life and include top-level athletes. The clinic excels in treating peripheral neuropathy. It has helped patients regain sensation and feel less pain. 

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