Double-layer insulating glass is used more frequently in cities

Double-layer insulating glass is used more frequently in cities

Nowadays,the traffic in the city is getting more and more developed. For better life, the double-layer insulating glass is used more frequently in the city:

1. The double-glazed curtain wall reduces the influence of outdoor noise on the room due to the shielding effect of the skin on the noise.It is especially suitable for buildings in the central area of the city that are in a strong traffic noise environment. In this way, people can rest better.

2. In the winter, the presence of the outer curtain wall enhances the insulation properties of the outer envelope.The heat loss from the building surface can be effectively reduced by preheating the air between the double glazed walls.


3. Night ventilation and cooling: In the hot summer, the temperature inside the parasol building may be too high. The double-glazed curtain wall is not ventilated by direct opening, so it has a safety protection function, which makes it possible to use the cool air at night during the summer night work hours to cool the room in a natural ventilation manner.

In addition, the double-layer insulating glass can also save energy and is completely suitable for the sustainable development strategy, so its frequency of use will be higher and higher. I believe that the future is very promising.

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