How Amina Wattoo Kasuri Is Impacting The Lives of Children Around Pakistan With Her Projects

…As Founder and CEO of The Lighthouse and Project Director of Concordia Colleges

Founder, CEO and Project Director of The Lighthouse and Concordia Colleges respectively, Amina Wattoo Kasuri is creating a safe and supportive environment for children all around Pakistan to have good start at life. The daughter of Former Chief Minister Punjab, she is a product of a strong educational and political background. As such, she understands the importance of proper education and nurturing in the lives of children. Over the last few years therefore, she has taken intentional strides to ensure that less privileged children all around Pakistan get the support that they need to function properly in the society.

As the Project Director of Concordia Colleges, she has contributed largely to the expansion of the organization to 21 cities all across Pakistan. Concordia Colleges, a project of Beaconhouse focus on grooming students to be good human beings while training them for successful professional lives through the teaching of both theoretical and practical aspects. They are renowned as the first institution in Pakistan to offer blended learning by providing students with access to a variety of online resources to make learning an engaging and interactive experience.

In line with her passion for grooming children, last year, Amina Wattoo Kasuri launched The Lighthouse, an orphanage that provides food, shelter and education. At The Lighthouse, children have a home that will ensure they are provided quality education, good health and have all other emotional and development needs met, without discrimination. A project of the Mahmud Ali Kasuri (MAK) Welfare Trust, The Lighthouse aims to create a nurturing and caring environment for orphans in order to empower them to become confident adults that contribute positively to their communities.

The Trust and its key donors which include Beaconhouse, the Kasuri family, and Beaconhouse employees, have consistently responded with meaningful contributions. The Trust facilitates The Lighthouse ensuring that the kids are adequately provided for. As a mother, Amina Wattoo Kasuri is very passionate about this project. She ensures that the environment is one of love, kindness, attention and care. Every child in The Lighthouse enjoys personalized care with dedicated staff. The organization provides quality accommodation, medical care, schooling at The Educators, transportation, recreational activities, dining hall which offered balanced and nutritious meals. They also provide financial support to facilitate marriages of boarders who are of age.

Amina Wattoo Kasuri has put all these systems in places so that The Lighthouse is a home to all these kids. There, they thrive educationally and otherwise and are guided until they are of age. According to her, “Our vision is to invest in children’s lives today in order to transform their future. By creating this safe space we aim to provide an environment where children can thrive and where love and education is central. We recognise that positive change takes time and we are committed to improving the lives of disadvantaged children for the long haul. As our name suggests, we aim to be the guiding light that safely leads children towards a secure future.”

With 800 volunteers, $2.7k donated and 21 active projects, Amina Watto Kasuri hopes she can reach out to more orphans. According to Volunteer, Safia Cassim, “From the warm and friendly ambience at the Volunteer House, to the beautiful, eager children at The Lighthouse and the Happiness Center, doing volunteer work with The Light House felt awesome.”

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