ThumbPRO Baseball hits it out of the park with their specially designed thumb guard.

ThumbPRO is changing the game for all baseball players of all levels with their one-of-a-kind performance-enhancing thumb guard.

ThumbPRO performance thumb guard is an ambidextrous accessory that protects players’ hands from painful bat sting, aligns proper bat position, and has shown to increase bat speed, for some players, up to 10-15%.

Many MLB players on teams across the USA are using the thumb guard and report that ThumbPRO’s product is superior to its competitors across the board. The ergonomic fit-and the fact that they don’t have to “fidget with it” – is one of the reasons they’ve switched to the ThumbPRO from other available models.

Sammy Abbott, Chicago White Sox Organization says:

“Using the ThumbPRO gives my hand the protection it needs while adding unrivaled comfort during my swing. In the past I used a comparable guard and could never get it to sit right between my hand and bat, but now my bat sits perfectly without any discomfort!”

Before ThumbPRO introduced its revolutionary design, players’ options for thumb guards were extremely limited, none of which offer the unique benefits that players are now getting with ThumbPRO.

ThumbPRO’s design molds to the hand like a saddle, creating a level of comfort that players can’t get anywhere else. The ergonomic design also enables the maximum performance enhancement that this technology currently has to offer.

Husband and wife, Craig and Nina, first launched ThumbPRO in 2020 at the American Baseball Collegiate Association conference, where they won “Best of Show.” Craig developed the concept for ThumbPRO from a similar design for violinists. Craig’s 20+ years of experience as an engineer contributes to the product’s cutting-edge advantage that has MLB players knocking it out of the park.

Players are eager to endorse ThumbPRO solely from their sheer satisfaction with the product. ThumbPRO’s unmatched quality and effectiveness is rapidly accelerating their industry credibility, and it’s only going up from here.

In less than a year’s time, ThumbPRO has gained global recognition. ThumbPRO was worn by players of the Japanese team, The Orix Buffalos for the Japan Championships series as they made it into the finals.

The performance thumb guard is also gaining headway with women collegiate softball and little league players, as well. At its current growth and success rate, ThumbPRO’s performance thumb guard will be in every baseball player’s equipment bag across America within the foreseeable future.

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