is Offering Massive Radio Promotions at Affordable Rates for Music Artists is Offering Massive Radio Promotions at Affordable Rates for Music Artists
The radio promotion service is guaranteed to offer massive airplay to musical artists in any music genre from over 40,000 real radio stations for a giveaway price

Germany-based PR Agency has announced its radio promotion service, which aims to provide musical artists with airplay from over 40,000 real radio stations. The agency affirms it is an opportunity for artists to increase their success and get more persons to know about them and their music. Having built a rapport with radio stations worldwide, artists can never go wrong with

Radio is still a very powerful tool for promoting new and emerging artists. Millions of people listen to the radio every day, including FM, AM, college stations, public broadcasting, and online stations. Despite the advent of digital music stores, radio stations remain an important means for promoting new and exclusive music.

Radio promotion remains a primary source of income for successful artists and is necessary for reaching a loyal fanbase. The radio promotion agency provides guaranteed airplay and assures artists they will receive royalties from radio stations controlled by “ASCAP”, which is a membership association of more than 850,000 songwriters, composers, and music publishers. If an artist’s music does not receive airplay, the company will issue full refunds as it strives to be a 100% transparent organization. They take time to customize plans for artists and tailor them to fit a budge

The radio promotion service by is divided into four phases. In the first, artists are expected to submit their songs which the staff at would check, and if the song passes the review, the artist should get feedback within 24 to 72 hours. For the second phase, the artist will pay for their promotion campaign and set a date for promotion to begin.

On the start date, will distribute the song to radio stations that match the song’s genre. Next, they will give the artist a detailed airplay report each Friday, including the radio station names, date of airplay, and more information. Undoubtedly,’s radio promotion service is everything an artist needs to become the next big thing in the music industry with campaigns tailored for their music genre and style.

The agency has worked with some popular names, including Afro B, Ozuna, French Montana, BTS, DJ Bobo, Montell Jordan, Major Lazer, Mr. Vegas, and Bring Me the Horizon.

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