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Auto Accessories Shop has put together three products that every car owner should have in their vehicle to make them more organized.

Americans drive 13,474 miles per year on average and spend on average 293 hours driving their vehicles each year. So, it is important to make cars as comfortable as possible and have the car accessories that are needed. The Auto Accessories Shop has put together three products that every car owner should have in their vehicle.

The online accessory store ( that sells everything from car gadgets to car cleaning tools has gained a reputation for selling the best products at low prices. They have put together the three-car accessories drivers won’t be able to live without to help people buy the perfect car accessory gift for their loved ones.

Car Wireless Charger Cup

The car wireless charger cup is the first product on the list of car accessories every vehicle owner should have. It is a wireless charger that helps to charge mobile devices quickly. Unlike some other mobile charges for cars, this one charges more than one device.

Thanks to the two USB ports, it can charge a total of three mobile devices. With a price of just $48.99, it is the perfect accessory to have for a vehicle.

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Waterproof Car Trash Bin

It is important to keep cars clean and tidy and one car accessory that will do just that is the waterproof car trash bin. It is priced at just $23.99.

It can be attached at the back of the passenger or drivers’ seat and can also be used outside. For someone who likes to keep their car clean or is known for having a messy car, then this is the perfect gift.

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Car Back Seat Organizer

This is a car accessory that every vehicle should have, especially if they have children. It can be put on the back of the driver’s or passenger seat and has enough pockets to store all the items people need in their vehicle.

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