TheUMS, creating a new wave in the radar motion sensor market

TheUMS Co., Ltd. (CEO Shin Kyo-seong) is a company established by an engineer who worked at Samsung to create a new wave in the radar motion sensor market. The family name of the product is AIM24, which means moving towards the goal(AIM).

TheUMS’s motion detection sensor is an all-in-one product in which the antenna and controller are integrated into one package. It boasts an ultra-small size of 15×15 mm, which is 60% of the surface area of a coin.

It can detect movement over a long distance and the angle (°) of detection is 109/45 maximum with a maximum distance of 20m to detect a person or an object and 30m to detect a vehicle. It is a radar-type motion detection sensor that is not affected by any environment variables (temperature, humidity, wind, dust, light, darkness), so it has a wide radiation angle and can be detected without blind spots.

Unlike existing radar motion sensors, the advantage of the UMS’s product is that they can be mounted directly on the customer’s board in the form of Surface-Mounted Device (SMD) by soldering, and in this way customers can reduce manufacturing cost. In addition, they are differentiated from other products with the advantages that the antenna, amplifier, and controller (MCU) are built in and that motion is detected with AIM24’s unique algorithm, so no additional circuit configuration is required, and customers can use it flexibly according to the product configuration.

The applicable fields and the main functions of the motion detection sensor are as follows.

Applicable products

• LED bulbs, light fixtures

• Automatic doors

• Home appliances, vending machines, kiosks

• IoT devices

• Cars, moving objects, robots

• Security systems

Main functions

• Digital signal output for movement

• Adjustable sensing distance and operation time

• Integrated antenna and controller structure

• After ambient noise detection, the sensitivity base value is automatically corrected (Smart Sensing)

TheUMS, established in 2017, is a company that has received angel investment and investment from quasi-governmental organizations in recognition of its technological excellence. Its business and sales targets are customers in Korea and other countries, and due to the especially favorable feedback on its performance in the Japanese market, it is expected that the market will expand smoothly. 

A TheUMS personnel said, “We are confident that AIM24 series will become the aim in the radar sensor market and create a new wave for radar motion sensors. AIM24, which integrates hardware and software, is a product that provides design flexibility based on superior technology. Starting with the single product of sensors, TheUMS will take one step further and grow into a system company.”

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