Kibo Eclipse Complaints Talk While Actual Students Rave About The Kibo Eclipse Ecommerce Journey

E-commerce mentors Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton revealed the launch date of the Kibo Eclipse system, enrollment opens on the 25th of January 2022 and closes on the 3rd of February or when the Kibo Eclipse training program fills to capacity.

Plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs are doing their due diligence online by looking up any Kibo Eclipse COMPLAINTS Here from founding Kibo students, to know if this training is still reliable and delivers upon what it promises as a mentorship program. 

Several online experts, Digital Bureau®, and a plethora of independent third-parties reveal their research concluding that Kibo Eclipse is indeed a well-curated program, its founders are experienced authorities in the business, and the overall program leaves nothing to the imagination with the availability of detailed answers, information, and meticulous instructions that are easy to follow.

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The fully revamped Kibo Eclipse system set to commence for the year 2022 after achieving remarkable success rates in the eCommerce industry, past students are having a pleasant time reminiscing about their successes.

Students who adhered to the Kibo Eclipse training program were able to start businesses that generated up to $200 to $1000 daily in profit. A certain Kibo member, Damian, from the 2021 Kibo Code edition of the program posted a review celebrating $55k in total sales on his webstore.

The founders of The Kibo Eclipse have generated $35,000+ in a single day on the marketplaces they will share during the FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS—and over $219,000 in 30 days. These numbers don’t even count Facebook Marketplace, or Google and Microsoft’s shopping platforms, which gives aspiring Kibo Eclipse students a feel for how powerful these free yet massive traffic sources can be.

In fact, if you are a 2022 aspiring Kibo Eclipse participant and have questions about the training, you can contact support at or


Damian said: “Today has just been outstanding. I’m so buzzed!! $944.95 today in sales”. He continued with some words of encouragement to fellow Kibo members, “keep going people you can get there. I was not expecting my day to go anything like this. Been picking and listing products on the marketplaces we’ve learned about inside the Kibo, and suddenly today after trying quite a few products, found one that’s just flying off the shelves”.

In the words of Kibo Eclipse co-founder Aidan Booth: “I believe the reason behind our students’ massive success is that we flat-out challenge them to use The Kibo Eclipse system and platform, complete the core training modules, go through our step-by-step videos, all the strategy manuals, the software, tune in for all our live weekly training sessions with us and connect the dots with a few simple actions, and if for whatever reason they aren’t satisfied or seeing amazing results within the first 30 days, we refund every penny of their small investment”.

The Kibo Eclipse uses regular yet extremely powerful means of traffic generation and untapped marketplaces like the Facebook marketplace & Fulfillment Services, which for instance is the biggest retailer in the world, employing over 2 million people worldwide and generating over 500 billion dollars in revenue each year.

The Kibo Eclipse was reported to have changed the lives of many with its unique approach to eCommerce.

The global online retail industry has grown to become a multi-billion dollar market, as more consumers embrace online shopping. The ravaging COVID-19 pandemic has pushed more people into the behavior of browsing and buying everything online. Unfortunately, thousands of businesses and their owners are yet to effectively leverage the eCommerce space to grow their brand. However, Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth look set to change this narrative again with The Kibo Eclipse course.

The Kibo Eclipse program was created by ecommerce experts Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton who have spent +$250,000 in late 2021 building a selection of software that will make the new Kibo Eclipse business model extremely fast for people, regardless of their age, background or experience.

Steve and Aidan have made millions in the past years and are now ready to mentor and share their 15+ years of experience with a selected group of people. An additional extensive Kibo Eclipse Reviews will be found here.

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