Yes, With Its Predictive Multiomics Platform, GATC Health Can See Into The Future…Here’s Why This Company Is A Drug-Development Game-Changer

Pay attention. You are about to be exposed to one of the best-kept secrets in the drug development sector. And its platform could be the most revolutionary approach to drug development in recent history. That’s no exaggeration. Privately held GATC Health has created a platform maximizing the powers of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to shave billions in cost and years off of drug development timelines. Not only that, it uses proprietary Predictive Multiomics that can literally see an individual’s health-related future through an artificial human environment that replicates the human form and all the systems in it.

What’s that mean? Well, to put it simply—through a simple swab or saliva test, GATC technology can run millions of screens, in minutes by the way, not days or weeks, to predict how an individual will respond to drugs, viruses, and disease. The result—valuable and comprehensive insight into the well-being of that individual. However, it does much more. In fact, beyond that diagnostics application, GATC Health is doing things other companies have only dreamed about. And while this privately-held company may have already created a platform worthy of Nobel consideration, the better news is that they are just getting started.

And their focus isn’t limited to patient testing. While it could and probably should replace a one-and-done Covid test that provides a snapshot in time compared to long-term predictive analysis, GATC Health plans to capitalize on massive opportunities presented by the drug development sector. Specifically helping fix the uninspiring 10% drug success rate causing pharmaceutical companies to burn hundreds of billions in cash each year searching for better drugs. As a result, drug prices skyrocket. After all, there is not much of a future for most drug developers by not recovering losses.

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It’s Not Greed, It’s The Cost Of Science

Oh, by the way, the headlines about overpriced drugs can be misleading and aren’t a product of greed. They result from a challenging landscape in getting a new drug approved by the FDA. Thus, when a company gets 1 in 10 drug candidates into the market, they still need to recover the billions lost from the other 9 development failures. But, here’s the excellent news. That 10% success rate can be a thing of the past. GATC Health has invented a technology platform to reduce clinical failure by leveraging its robust AI to assist in earlier disease detection and help develop new drugs and therapeutic solutions to treat them.

Notably, it can be argued that AI isn’t new to the sector. But, to date, its impact on drug discovery has been suboptimal at best. However, when used with the correct science and through a robust platform, like GATC Health’s, it can be an invaluable tool to create, forecast, model, and provide near 100% assurances of success in diagnostics and drug development. If GATC Health gets it way, they, and their stakeholders, could literally dominate the niche with IP protections and first-to-market advantage that could keep the competitive landscape more than thin; it can be kept non-existent.

That’s not an unreasonable assumption. GATC Health has completed the groundwork necessary to protect its assets and vision. It’s a reason why that even at this stage of its young company life, GATC Health could justify a valuation above a billion dollars. For comparison’s sake*, companies like Schrodinger (NASDAQ: SDGR) and 23andMe (NASDAQ: ME) have current valuations of $1.90 billion and $2.10 billion, respectively, which could help guide future valuations.. Sophia Genetics (NASDAQ: SOPH), another sector company has a current $738 million valuation, providing more substance for an appreciable valuation on a comparative basis. (* market cap valuations as of 1/22/22, 12:38pm EST, Yahoo! Finance)

Listen, respect is given to each of those companies for making enormous contributions to the drug development and diagnostics sector. Indeed, they are game-changers in their time. Still, with respect given, no one ever said the game had ended. 

In fact, from a practical perspective, it’s just beginning.

GATC Health Changes Drug Development Game Rules

And here’s the best part: companies, investors, and patients are about to get introduced to technology that was not long ago included in a wish list that could have been featured on The X-Files. In fact, using Multiomics Advanced Technology™ and GATC Health’s AI solution alone combine a massive amount of disease-specific data to mimic a human environment that could lead to exponentially faster discovery and validation of novel drugs. In many cases, in months instead of years.

Imagine that. A cancer drug candidate has the potential to pass through years of pre-clinical stages in a matter of days. Oh, it’s possible. The biggest reason is that GATC Health’s platform can analyze billions of molecules in weeks compared to months and even years by its competition. In addition, GATC Health’s patented technology proves its worth sometimes where it matters the most with its well-differentiated technology besting the competition in speed, cost savings, and accuracy.

It’s more than better; it also presents a value-proposition to a diversified group of clients that may be too big to ignore. Why? Because GATC Health is closing the well-known AI gap by delivering the exact, de-risked candidate molecules for clinical testing in 3 to 6 months versus the current 4 to 6 years. That helps companies save billions in expense and accelerate innovation by eliminating more than 99% of the molecules with no additive function to a study. GATC Health can scan, evaluate, and source one to three actionable molecules for analysis compared to the more than 5000 typically identified and assessed during a pre-clinical study.

Of course, that has an impact on the entire development cycle. But more than that, GATC Healths’ Predictive MultiomicsTM has the unprecedented ability to model an individual’s system-wide response earlier and more accurately than known competitors. That means that a drug development company can eliminate thousands of hours of research and focus on only those molecules that can generate success. Also, it provides a runway to cut losses well before entering even a Phase 1 trial. In short, seeing the future has its benefits.

Seeing The Future Through Predictive Multiomics

GATC Healths’ Predictive Multiomics helps that happen. Its platform has the unprecedented ability to model an individual’s system-wide response earlier and more accurately than known competitors. That means that by leveraging science and AI, GATC Health can transform client pharma’s R&D processes by applying its proprietary platform and disease-specific engines. Calling it revolutionary is no overstatement.

GATC Health’s drug discovery process can deliver one to three actionable drug candidates in 3 – 6 months. Appreciate that capability. Drug manufacturers often can’t find one actionable candidate in five years, and moreover, by looking at the wrong molecules, they may never find one. So, is it worth Big Pharma’s attention? Absolutely.

And keep in mind, results are more than actionable; they’re reliable. They are generated from massive volumes of disease-specific data and proprietary AI solutions to replicate human biology in discovering and validating novel drugs. In other words, GATC Health provides a considerable shortcut to companies by doing most of the preliminary legwork through diagnostic biomarker discovery and drug compound discovery. From a reliability perspective, those biomarkers are mathematically assessed for causal and effect impacts and validated causal biomarkers and pathways are simulated and evaluated by AI-assisted database models and human expertise. The result- a final set of treatment targets emerges.

Data That Inspires Action, A Win-Win Proposition

And like all good things, data matters. In that respect, GATC Health doesn’t just hand off a typical file. Its report identifies the causal relationship between the biomarkers and the disease to illuminate insights into the disease, leverages AI-assisted compound discovery to produce a set of novel treatment compounds, and most importantly, targets and compounds get prioritized and documented for pre-clinical testing. From there, the development of new therapeutics through in-silico and in-vivo clinical studies benefits from a greater and more comprehensive analysis.

Best of all, combining what GATC Health provides, drug development programs are ensured a higher level of success as the drug progresses through FDA Trials. As noted, client companies also benefit from substantially mitigating risk and costs associated with treating and curing diseases. For patients, drug developers, and GATC Health, it’s a win-win-win scenario to the nth degree.

Moreover, while those groups can benefit, so can private companies, employers, governments, and individuals. Governments, in fact, have the opportunity to see the impact of a pandemic before making extraordinary consequential decisions. That’s the beauty of the GATC Health platform; its reach is virtually limitless in the drug development, diagnostics, and health maintenance landscape. Not only that, it can help alleviate hysteria by empowering people to, as they say, follow the science.

Keep GATC Health On The Watch List

Thus, while you can’t buy its stock today on the open market, keep GATC Health on your watch list. After all, one day, that may be an option. But at least for now, you’ll be staying in touch with one of the most revolutionary assistive platforms ever created. Moreover, unlike other technology, there won’t be a version 2-10. GATC Health’s Predictive Multiomics platform is a keeper as it is. Sure, new technology can get embedded in the future, but know this- it will only strengthen a game-changing platform already unrivaled in its space.

And when a leader gets stronger, they can ultimately become invincible. At GATC Health, reaching that status appears to be a part of its plan.


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