Tooth Extraction Costs Vary Widely Depending Upon the Problem and the Dentist Chosen

Tooth Extraction Costs Vary Widely Depending Upon the Problem and the Dentist Chosen

No one looks forward to hearing the sad news that a tooth must be extracted. However, teeth are not impervious to damage, infection, cavities, or impactions and tooth extractions sometimes are the only way to remove the problem and the pain associated with a tooth that is seriously impaired. If an individual does need one or more teeth extracted, costs can also be worrisome, even with insurance, as deductibles remain.

Looking into a tooth extraction before proceeding is an effective way to cut back on costs since dentists cost less than dental surgeons, and location of a dentist and the costs of living in an area do affect the costs of everything. In addition, if a dentist or clinic exists in an area with a great deal of competition the costs of all services can be lower.

Osmin Denture Clinic with offices in both Toronto and Richmond Hill, ON, will advise upon first consultation the exact costs of having a tooth extracted. A first consultation is necessary as are X-rays to decide the amount of damage, decay, or other problems that would lead to an extraction. The general average of costs is subject to change as damages that have occurred that are not clear on an X-ray or if an emergency arises after the extraction will of course add to the costs.

Simple extractions of a tooth that does not require surgery is about the most affordable at Osmin Denture Clinic, with the costs being between 75 to 300. This is for a routine visit on open days, but emergency visits on weekends or next day visits will drive the costs up to about 300 to 450 dollars.

If a patient has dental insurance there can be coverage up to 80 percent of the extraction if the extraction is not done for cosmetic reasons but instead necessity. Impacted and infected teeth are considered a medical emergency as the infection can spread throughout the body. Deductibles depend upon the insurance company themselves and wise consumers check with their insurance carriers first.

Surgery of course will bump up the costs of tooth extractions, with the average on surgery for this procedure being 150 to 650 dollars depending upon anesthesia needed, or any suturing that must be done.

Impacted wisdom teeth are usually removed in younger individuals and while this procedure can be done one tooth at a time, it is done by removing all four at once. The cost for all four removals of impacted wisdom teeth is hard to determine as some wisdom teeth lie way beneath the gumline and have not erupted properly. However, an average of 1000 to 3000 dollars for all four is a good rule of thumb. Osmin Denture Clinic will advise on tooth extraction and costs on the first visit.

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Osmin Denture Clinic is a Premier Dental Health and Facial Aesthetic Centre that has locations in Toronto and Richmond Hill, ON. The quality of services is extensive and tooth extractions are done with as little pain and discomfort as possible. Costs can vary for tooth extractions and a first-time consultation is needed. There are Covid-19 precautions in place although the clinic is open fully and accepting new patients again. There is a free initial dental care consultation, a booking form on the site, and a phone and email. Low-income patients are also welcomed.

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