Start zero waste life with GreenLiving

Start zero waste life with GreenLiving

GreenLiving is an environmentally friendly company, our mission is to provide economical and eco-friendly products, to help create a better environment for us all. Aim towards setting a positive example through every actual action step, reduce single-use plastic consumption, and embrace a green life. All things you could buy from us be so basic in daily life, including zero waste shower brushes, rattan baskets, etc.

The factory has strict product testing processes from the extraction of raw materials until the final packaging, and qualifies for the international QC and AQL2 standards for testing. What’s more, our factory is an ethical brand, qualifying for GRS, FSC, REACH, and BSCI certifications, allowing to collect and recycle PET, use sustainable wood, metal materials, therefore, producing high-quality eco-friendly products.

The commitment is solid when it comes to making a difference and we are here to help you make a difference as well. Our products offer exceptional benefits and decrease waste by over 90% in the environment. We take pride in bringing you superior quality products with outstanding customer service to help you with your needs.

At GreenLiving, we make it possible for you to find out the most economical and sustainable solution for home products, while also being the best quality. We switch from the old business-to-business (B2B) model in which the products were multiplied prices by the factory, wholesaler, retailer, and shopkeeper, to the new online mode — OUR products out of OUR factory go directly to you — a guarantee for being exceptionally attractive in both price and quality.

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